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They say: Local five-piece.

We say: Metal, classic rock, and alternative.

They say: "Popular cover tunes and do some originals, too."

We say: Coastal grooves, beach, and rock oldies, from David Hope (vocals, guitar), Chris Tidestrom (vocals, guitar), and Rick Lambert (bass, vocals).

They say: Four like-minded musicians: a rock ’n’ roll band with an R&B twist.

We say: Classic and modern rock.

They say: A great stage show, catchy songs, and perfect harmonies.

We say: Sean Kelly and the guys provide an abundance of willfully quirky guitar hooks and romantic melancholic lyrics.

They say: A jazzy conception of ballads, standards, and R&B, with a feel of the Caribbean that reflects that Geechee charm.

We say: Jazz, soul, and funk standards.

They say: Rock/alternative/pop-punk/hard rock/emo.

We say: Heavy alternative rockstuff.

They say: Indie/rock and roll band playing honest, yet catchy, music.

We say: Guitar-heavy, dynamic alternative rock.

They say: Good for what ails ya!

We say: Classic rock and variety.

They say: We started around 1995 when Jeff Buchanan and Bill Johnson teamed up.

We say: Classic rock and jams.

They say: Indie/shoegaze.psychedelic.

We say: A dense, dense, dense, rock thing.

They say: Blues, jazz, gospel, spirituals.

We say: The go-to Lady of Soul.

They say: Made it out from behind the bar … now, I'm behind the piano.

We say: A self-taught pianist with an affection for he smooth and soulful side of pop.

They say: We take the hits of the 1980s and rewrite them with our own original fast, hard-rock style. It's all executed with an upbeat, fun attitude, especially from our lead singer, Mia.

We say: Campy, metallic, entertaining cover band with a weird twist.

They say: From Top-40 to classic rock, and some originals are in the works. Interaction from the crowd is what we thrive for.

We say: Veteran local rock cover band.

They say: Funk, rock, pop tunes.

We say: Ready-steady bar rock — from the classics to the recent alternative hits.

They say: Strikingly beautiful.

We say: Singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell and company.

They say: A vintage rock and blues band from Charleston, performing originals alongside Cash, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and more.

We say: Whole hog pickin' and grinnin' from Yates Dew, Stanfield Gray, Bradley MacLean, and Mike Watson.

They say: Extreme metal band.

We say: They live up to the name.

They say: "Blending bits of classic rock, reggae, alternative, and Americana … Our goal is all good songs and no bullshit."

We say: Local duo comprised of Mike Legere on vocals and acoustic guitar and Andrew Shaw on vocals and toy drum kit

They say: Powerful and evocative ... post-hardcore indie blues.

We say: Shrimp recording artist Bill Carson writes a damn good wry, poignant tune.

They say: Outlaws since 1990.

We say: Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.

They say: The new musical collaboration between Charleston singer-songwriters Kristin Abbott and Corey Webb.

We say: Indie rock, composed solely of classically trained musicians.

They say: Bootless is an original country/southern rock band based in Charleston, South Carolina. Formed in 2012 by experienced rock musicians, Bootless successfully blends country lyrics with rock-and-roll swagger.

They say: Wedding/corporate party band delivering the best of the ’70s, including disco, Motown and funk.

We say: Longtime funk faves: tight, funky, horny, and entertaining. Booty Call has performed for various large company functions throughout the southeast and traveled as far as the U.K. to perform.

They say: Playing only the ’80s.

We say: Hot hits galore.

They say: Calvin has performed solo and with his band around the east coast for several years, entertaining audiences from young to old.

We say: Singer/guitarist: vintage soul, R&B, beach, and rock 'n' roll.

They say: A professional musician and private lesson instructor. Her experience and talents have allowed her to travel the world.

We say: A star on the local and national trumpeter scene.

They say: I've made my living performing and recording popular and original acoustic music since 1974.

We say: An elegant mix of American and European folk and country music.

They say: Sometimes raucous, sometimes sweet, rock ’n’ roll influenced by the Hank Williamses, the blues, the church.

We say: Still diggin’ the dust and bones. A.K.A. Shovels & Rope.

They say: Alt-rock covers that keep the party rockin’!

We say: IOP five-piece/alt-rock cover band.

They say: Punk, punk, punk. We aim to make honest music, meaning that we aren’t going to mold to anything to try and fit in; we sing the songs that we like to sing.

We say: Local punk band that kicks, screams, etc.

They say: "Original rock 'n' roots music plus blues and various cool covers."

We say: A songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, and world traveler, just in town from Nashville.

They say: Presented by the Jazz Artists of Charleston.

We say: Swing, big band, and Latin-jazz, led by Charleston trumpeter and conductor Charlton Singleton.

They say: Everyone’s favorite rock from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today.

We say: Classic rock, metal and jams.

They say: Chris Boone grew up in S.C., France, and Belgium, which helped shape him into the artist he is today; Late nights in social settings with music from the jukebox and the occasional piano in the corner begging to be played imprinted an irresistible passion for music.

We say: Versatile Charleston singer-songwriter

They say: Passionate singer, songwriter, guitarist performing melodic originals and rock covers.

We say: Bluesy twang, rock, and Americana.

They say: Great singer-songwriter from Sweden.

We say: The Sibelius of the local songwriter scene.

They say: Original Americana rock — a la Crazy Horseand '70s Stones.

We say: Americana rock sound well-suited for the Lowcountry’s laid-back beach scene.

They say: Charleston’s finest bluegrass band.

We say: Drawing from the mountain traditions.

They say: Swamp blues.

We say: Twangy blues and folk from the wet underbelly of the Lowcountry.

They say: Rock/Americana — "the pursuit of our dreams can lead us in many directions in life."

We say: Melodic/modern pop-rock with a twang (featuring Tyler and Joe from the band Bell).

They say: S.C.-based reggae band whose influences and melodies are as eclectic and diverse as the culture it represents.

We say: A funky mix of dub reggae, rock, ska, and Caribbean rhythms.

They say: Blues, funk, etc.

We say: Intensely funky stuff from the newly established blues-rock trio.

They say: Organic, sand-blasted roots rock, with a sweet jam spread.

We say: Capable of veering from one rootsy/groovy Americana genre to genre with crowd-pleasing flair.

They say: Singer/songwriter.

We say: A veteran performer now based in Awendaw.

They say: "Dante's Camaro the greatest Rock & Roll Band in the History of Charleston S.C."

We say: Comprised of the rowdiest members of Black Venus, MovieStar, and Skintight, local hard-rock/metal cover band Dante's Camaro are "hell-bent" on something or other.

They say: Lead guitar wants to be a side order of Santana.

We say: Singer-songwriter Landeo and his band play a wide variety of covers and originals.

They say: Solo singer-guitarist.

We say: Formerly of The Killer Whales, this performer covers the bases.

They say: Old-time Southern country-blues with a contemporary downtown flavor.

We say: Working the slide guitar all old-school like a 90-year-old Delta blues man.

They say: Acoustic originals and rock covers of all styles.

We say: Amiable singer-guitarist capable of incorporating loops, samples, and guest players.

They say: Rock/psychedelic.

We say: Way-out-there jam quartet.

They say: Electronica/Reggaeton/R&B.

We say: Turntablistm … born and raised in Argentina.

They say: The South’s most well-rounded DJ, nicknamed “Carolina King” and the “Lord and Savior of Southern Mixtapes.”

We say: Charleston-based rapper, turntablist, and producer (a.k.a. David Thrower).

They say: I am a fourth degree Ninja.

We say: Downtown mixer-upper.

They say: Intense dance mixes.

We say: Local dance party host.

They say: a.k.a. Chris Grimaldi.

We say: Spinning variety downtown.

They say: Statred out in the rave scene of the early 1990s, and conducted residencies at such local venues as the Treehouse and the Arcade. Currently hosting the Friday night events at Club Pantheon, where you'll find me spinning hard dance anthems for large crowds.

We say: A veteran dance party DJ with over 20 years of experience in the Southeast.

They say: Sasquatch music.

We say: Longtime local deejay spinning a variety.

They say: Pumping out fresh jams from all genres of music.

We say: His roots are in club DJ-ing, mixing and remixing.

They say: Spinning dance mash-ups.

We say: A Northerner spinner in the Dirty South.

They say: Known to most as Tropix International Sounds.

We say: The hip party DJ and producer (on Z93 Jamz and Magic 107.3).

They say: Psychedelic/electronica.

We say: Live performer, producer, and DJ.

They say: Entertaining and DJ’n since early 2005 … a premier DJ/Entertainer of this day.

We say: Downtown turntablist.

They say: Turntablism/hip-hop/electro.

We say: Spinning mixes at the downtown clubs.

They say: Hip-hop/electro/turntablism.

We say: Busy club spinner on the downtown scene.

They say: Electro/house/rock.

We say: Electrified variety.

They say: Hip-hop, rock, house, and electro.

We say: Hey, that’s Shawn Corriveau.

They say: Bass bumping rap, beat driven breakbeat, soulful house, supercharged rock, and melodic trance.

We say: A milkshake of music.

They say: "Acoustic guitar man"

We say: Harmony-heavy country, classic rock, folk, and blues.

They say: Dedicated to the study of the flamenco guitar art form, a distinct art of the southern region of Spain.

We say: Exotically Latin acoustic music.

They say: Rock, soul, roots music …  rock, soul, blues, funk, mellowness, chaos, the past, the present, the future, film, anything, everything, nothing."

We say: Rock singer/guitarist (of The Problems, Torture Town, FunHouse, the regenerators).

They say: "A little Country, a little Soul, a whole lot of Rock n' Roll"

We say: Classic rock from 50s, 60s, 70s, plus Country, Soul and Blues

They say: Based on a blend of Brazilian styles (bossa nova, baião, and samba) with folk, reggae, jazz, and blues.

We say: Brazilian singer/guitarist and composer (a veteran of JAC and Piccolo Spoleto events).

They say: Blues, Southern rock, and country.

We say: Cottageville-based quartet.

They say: Piano-pounding fella with a far-reaching repertoire.

We say: Bluesy rock/soul pianist/vocalist.

They say: Innovative rock: back at it with a new bassist and keys player.

We say: Pumped-up, non-mersh, glee-noise.

They say: Their blend of voices is smooth and exciting; a unique style of music that includes old -school, R&B, beach, and a little smooth jazz.

We say: Local soul/dance/R&B cover band; featuring vocalist Pat Boone.

They say: High mountain sound on flat ground.

We say: Finger-pickin jam and tunes.

They say: Sounds like “mystic” arena rock or ambient progressive rock.

We say: Alternative rock from the newly-formed instrumental quartet.

They say: Five-piece party band covering dance tunes, Carolina beach music, classic and contemporary rock, funk, R&B, you name it.

We say: What a variety … 

They say: Take the ride.

We say: Rock/groove combo handling a wild mix of rock, funk, and indie underground covers and originals.

They say: Sturdy instrumental jazz.

We say: Duvall is a revered pianist, bassist, and veteran performance instructor.

They say: Power-pop/indie/rock.

We say: Melodic, jangly, McCarthy-esque guitar-pop from a veteran rocker.

They say: Irish folk.

We say: Acoustic tunes at Tommy Condon's weekly.

They say: The sound traipses the boundaries of blues and funk music, while simultaneously fusing together and capturing a unique and singular rhythm, deep-fried and buried in a Southern chunk of real estate labeled common ground.

We say: Charleston rock/twang quartet.

They say: Happy surfy punk rock with a British Invasion kick and ’70s punk/New Wave edge.

We say: A new, original pop/rock/indie project, featuring former members of the Explorers Club.

They say: Focused on nothing but his music … playing acoustic several nights a week, he has played over 250 shows a year for the last five years running.

We say: Funked out, high-energy original rock and groovy jams.

They say: A soulful folksy sound with meaningful lyrics.

We say: Serious-minded and soulful.

They say: Melodic Americana/rock.

We say: Led by singer/guitarist Reid Stone (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

They say: The brainchild of singer/songwriter Harrison Ray.

We say: Scenester Ray leads the way (with Jordan Igoe and guests) on this melodic rock/lo-fi project.

They say: A classic rock cover band: great music from bands that have proven to withstand the test of time.

We say: Lady-fronted classic rock band.

They say: Henry’s Attic delivers obscure, yet well-known covers and originals to please the broadest of musical palettes.

We say: Pop/rock band fronted by guitar-strumming vocalists Heather Norton and Andrew Alberico.

They say: Bringing a spirit of soul, bluegrass, Americana and folk.

We say: A new project from Laura Thurston and Shawn Hagan.

They say: Multi-instrumental duo featuring Joel and Ward of Sol Driven Train.

We say: Clever rock duo (with guests) capable of reworking classics in groovy ways … and, oh, that trombone!

They say: It started as just two girls playing acoustic guitars around the campfires in N.Y.

We say: Acoustic groove/folk/bluegrass, led by string players/vocalists Laura Thurston and Gwyn Waller.

They say: Funk, R&B, and pop.

We say: Party band fronted by singer Amanda Hudson, handling a variety of grooves.

They say: Acoustic tunes and jams.

We say: A variety of rock styles.

They say: Melodic classic guitar-pop with a twang and a bit of soul.

We say: Songwriter Matt Hamrick's latest band project, baked by guitarist Kenny Meyer, bassist Marty Whipkey, and drummer Henry Blair.

They say: Singer/songwriter with a message.

We say: Upbeat and cheerful singer/guitarist with a great song or two about the Lowcountry (and more).

They say: Indie-rock with punk-fueled energy.

We say: Led by the songwriting and creativity of Jason Dodson.

They say: Folk, rock, and soul,

We say: Songwriter James Justin Burke’s new album is a collection of melodious odes to his deepest family roots.

They say: "I'm a local acoustic act that plays six nights a week."

We say: A well-traveled, Charleston-based guitarist/singer/songwriter.

They say: Charleston’s only surf-a-billy band.

We say: Kyle Jason, and Brett stick with surf music and vintage garage-rock.

They say: Hauntingly ethereal voice and pitch-perfect compositions.

We say: That new one Driving Blind is a beaut’.

They say: Singer-songwriter.

We say: Well-versed troubadour and collaborator.

They say: "Let's say acoustic Southern rock."

We say: Local acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Original blues-rock with a party vibe.

We say: Heartfelt singer-songwriter with a strong backing band and original folk-pop tunes.

They say: NSAI, BMI songwriter with a mixed bag of original Americana, Country and Blues. Solo shows are filled with surprize guest musicians and spontanteous music.

They say: "Hearty acoustics served with honest lyrics, and with a side of reality, Americana, blues, and jazz."

We say: Versatile acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar with a folky style.

We say: Local singer/guitarist.

They say: Playing on the beach in the local bars.

We say: Folly Beach-style acoustic rock.

They say: Acoustic variety.

We say: Veteran singer/guitarist.

They say: Entertaining the Lowcountry for over 20 combined years with the very best.

We say: Radio and event DJ with a mix of Top-40, alternative, disco, country, hip-hop, and shag.

They say: Someone who amazes you with their style of straight-out rock music.

We say: Strummy singer/guitarist.

They say: For over 20 years, the Joe Clarke Big Band has been swingin' out the Big Band hits of the 30's, 40's and 50's.

We say: Unique local big-band sound

They say: Joel T. Hamilton is a quiet tricky squirrel. He runs towards the tree and then disappears … but not before drawing blood just above your ankle.

We say: Known for his work with The Working Title, Hamilton's official solo debut recently came out under he titled Officina.

They say: Classic, modern and Southern rock, oldies and beach music, reggae and calypso.

We say: As always, an “audience-interactive" acoustic performance.

They say: Seasoned songwriter and veteran frontman who plays solo, duo, trio, and with his band Classic Woodies.

We say: Guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.

They say: Songwriter: folk-rock and bluegrass.

We say: Singer, guitarist, and basist — expressive, soulful, nautical, and hippified.

They say: Jazz, funk, soul.

We say: Pianist: standards and improv.

They say: Magical indie rock from the heart.

We say: Cute and richly melodic.

They say: Catchy originals, trumpet laced funk grooves, and choice cover songs.

We say: Singer Justin Burke and his local groove/rock quartet (with extra brass!).

They say: Acoustic Midi act: Steely Dan to Johnny Cash, Buffett to Sting.

We say: Local singer/guitarist with a skillful delivery and broad range of styles.

They say: Crazy Kentucky girl meets talented musicians.

We say: Strummy, melodic, Americana.

They say: Heartfelt, singer/songwriter on acoustic guitar. Often compared to classic American songwriters such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Chris Daughtry (just kidding on this one).

We say: From upstate N.Y. to the S.C. Lowcountry. Singer, songwriter, guitarist: Americana/roots.

They say: Modern original and classic jazz trumpet.

We say: Local jazz/improv combo led by a proficient horn player.

They say: Funky rock.

We say: Song-driven rap/rock/funk.

They say: Acoustic rock, bluegrass, country, and Americana.

We say: Delicate and bold singer/guitarist.

They say: Batuglia Knuckle Bucket!

We say: Classic rock, funk, Americana.

They say: A diverse collaboration of material with a refreshing perspective that makes a connection with the listener.

We say: And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

They say: Rock, funk, blues.

We say: Acoustic guitarist with a tapping style.

They say: "Melodic soulful folkgrass."

We say: Acoustic folkie (out of Hollow Reed and Hick Child Soup).

They say: Jazz/Latin/Lounge.

We say: Rhythmically traditional Latin grooves led by singer/songwriter Leah Suárez.

They say: Many different genres, including, jazz, rock, country, medieval tone poems and early ’90s chakra attunement.

We say: Brilliant guitarist and collaborator.

They say: "A great mix of rock 'n' roll covers."

We say: Based in Moncks Corner, this quartet handles a variety of classic, modern, and alternative rock.

They say: Rock.

We say: Aggressive guitar work, raspy howling, bluesy riffs.

They say: We wish to pay homage to the original act.

We say: A “true three-piece" Rush tribute band.

They say: A little twang and a little late-night clarity...

We say: Unique combo (featuring most of The Dirty Kids): blues, country, soul, and rock … and more.

They say: A bad-ass playin' the sax.

We say: Versatile saxophoinist and man on the scene handling jazz, funk, reggae, and improv.

They say: A piano/acoustic guitar duo: currently over 100 songs from the 1950s to now.

We say: Rock tunes and variety.

They say: Young jazz singer with an old soul.

We say: Soul/pop vocalist with jazzy style and an elegant set of standards and originals.

They say: These songs come from sticky Southern towns and broken hearts.

We say: Singer, guitarist, collaborator. From-the-gut indie country-rock.

They say: Acoustic soloist.

We say: Professional singer/guitarist with a colorful songlist.

They say: Local hip-hop performer and producer.

We say: A veteran of the Charleston scene, also of ChuckTown Ballers Production.

They say: High-energy Americana with happy feet.

We say: Breezy, atmospheric Southern-fried pop, topped with Mary Gilmore’s lead vocals.

They say: Contemporary top-country and rock classics.

We say: Assertive country-rock; covers and originals.

They say: Passion, persistence, hope, in shear a brutalic fashion.

We say: Howling and chewy heavy metal.

They say: "We’ve be getting into the medleys — blending popular songs together in our own way with our won flavor.”

We say: A seriously melodic guy (with solid backing band), most concerned about writing solid rock songs.

They say: Classic rock.

We say: Bar-room faves.

They say: The language of music is a beautiful thing that many seek to take part in, all the while hoping to add something to its melody. It is something that we love and enjoy.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven modern alternative rock.

They say: Music that could shake the music scene in Charleston.

We say: Local rock/funk/hip-hop combo.

They say: "Megan Jean's powerful vocals combined with Klay's inventive upright bass technique and their energetic live show showcase the true appeal of this band: their songs."

We say: Melodic folk-pop and country.

They say: Shrimp recording artist: folk, blues, rock, pop.

We say: Trent’s solo album, The Winner, is reverby/rockabilly/boogie-ish. (also of Shovels & Dirt and The Films)

They say: Eccentric blend of folk, rock, and country.

We say: Award-winning crooner, stummer, and songwriter.

They say: Bob Pollard in striped white pants invaded Cheap Trick’s bus while listening to the Replacements on his Walkman.

We say: Chris Holsomback, Dustin Fanning, and Trevor Van Etten comprise the indie-rock trio.

They say: The best of the American Jazz Songbook, including swing and blues of the early 20th Century.

We say: With Lyndsey Goodman on vocals, they handle a smooth blend of jazzy groove.

They say: Electronica/breakbeat/ghettotech.

We say: The alias of Justin Aubuchon, an experimental electronic producer (also of Chronicles of the Landsquid).

They say: A drummer and composer currently residing in Charleston.

We say: Musician and visual artist Mr. Jenkins (a.k.a. Nick Jenkins) is revered as a skillful drummer with the technique, flexibility, and grace.

They say: Pink Floyd meets Tool meets Bush.

We say: Local alt-rockers.

They say: The music speaks of love, unity, peace amongst all mankind, and the trials and tribulations of oppressed people.

We say: Traditional reggae and Caribbean rhythms.

They say: Emo/Screamo/rock.

We say: Heavy-duty nü-rock by way of Rochester, N.Y.

They say: Handling a mix of styles.

We say: Southern and classic rock, metal, and alternative.

They say: We are young composers and musicians.

We say: Utterly fascinating ensemble playing challenging compositions.

They say: The band for all occasions.

We say: Classic rock, blues, and R&B.

They say: Metal/alternative-rock standards.

We say: Modern and classic rock.

They say: Hard-hitting rock ’n’ roll from the edge of America. Period.

We say: An experienced, homegrown nü-rock band.

They say: Blowfish, Dogs, etc.

We say: Comprised of Hank Futch of the Blue Dogs and Mark Bryan Gary Greene of Hootie & the Blowfish, and guests.

They say: "Metal! Metal! Metal! Doing everything from Maiden to Hatebreed with originals mixed in."

We say: Heavy, fast, rowdy, metallic.

They say: "A six-piece, horn-driven powerhouse, backing one of the finest female vocalists in town. Dedicated to bringing you the hottest tunes, from the best artists of the last four decades."

We say: Local ensemble handling a mix of beach, oldies, rock classics, country and more — aimed at entertaining locals on wedding days and at special parties and events.

They say: "Playing only the best of rock, shag, and requests … perfect for weddings, parties, and formal events."

We say: Local combo handling a polished mix of classic rock, Top-40, R&B, shag, and oldies.

They say: Funk and rock covers: well suited for weddings, formal parties, and big club gigs.

We say: These guys consistently deliver the goods without looking bored.

They say: Hot rock hits from the '80s and '90s.

We say: Picking up with the ’90s covers where Weird Science left off with the ’80s covers!

They say: Acoustic Americana.

We say: Full-band jams and tunes.

They say: A collection of numerous people making music in a variety of styles. There are essentially two versions of the band.

We say: Local groove scientists.

They say: Drummer. Musician. Artist.

We say: Top-shelf jazz musician and mentor.

They say: Her "dream girl" voice is an instrument.

We say: Talented soul/R&B/pop vocalist and frontlady (and pals with Clay Aiken).

They say: Everything from rock to country to classical to Motown.

We say: A varied blend of Americana, bluegrass, and funkiness.

They say: Charleston-based singer/guitarist (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

We say: Reid’s recent collaborations go under the name Guilt-Ridden Troubadour.

They say: REMOTE is music at its highest apex, creative and cutting edge … like alchemists mixing and matching musical form, style and substance while embracing soul and technology to form a new concoction of sight and sound.

We say: An electronic experiment conducted by Graham Whorley and John Fitzgerald.

They say: Acoustic originals and covers from Melissa Etheridge and Fleetwood Mac to U2 and Johnny Cash.

We say: Ready for anything from the IOP to Folly.

They say: A funky-ass groove dat makes your body move.

We say: The stylistic variety, wide-reaching versatility, and broad technical proficiency of Mac's current project, The BootyRanch, is above most in the local scene.

They say: Rapping since the third grade.

We say: Hip-hop from Righchus (Matt Bostick) and engineer and multi-instrumentalist Max Berry.

They say: Melodic electric/acoustic combo.

We say: A versatile blend of twangy guitar-rock, funky acoustic-pop, and mellow ballads.

They say: "Jazz standards on vocal/piano/trombone."

We say: Accomplished local jazz man.

They say: A tight powerhouse quartet capable of playing authentic, traditional Delta and Chicago-style blues.

We say: Paige spent a lot of time playing rhythm and slide guitar in The Urban Shakedancers.

They say: Everything from country to beach music.

We say: Diligent songwriter, strummer, venue host, and singer with a lengthy song list. Often accompanied on stage by killer guitarist Chris Clifton (pictured).

They say: All-request covers with some folk acoustic singer-songwriter originals.

We say: Versatile singer/guitarist with a lengthy song list (also of Soul Fish).

They say: We are working toward being “e-tastic.”

We say: Soft-hearted indie-rock/pop, led by singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Dan McCurry.

They say: Alt-country in the vein of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven Americana-rock.

They say: Indie/Americana/jam-rock.

We say: Local strummer and entertainer.

They say: Unconfined alternative folk-rock.

We say: Spreading their country-tinged acoustic sounds around the Southeast.

They say: To celebrate the music of The Clash and bring this music to a new generation of listeners.

We say: They cover much of the Clash's vast catalog — from "Bankrobber" to "White Man In Hammersmith Palais."

They say: Blues, originals, and deep cuts.

We say: Young blues/rock guitarist and vocalist handling a mix of classics.

They say: Classic Rock, progressive, Americana.

We say: Lunar rock styles.

They say: The Shakin’ Martinis use a variety of instruments to incorporate different sounds and accommodate many different types of music.

We say: Blues, country, and oldies-rock.

They say: "The music style is diverse and audiences will be pleasantly surprised to hear some of their favorite country, pop, blues, and rock artists."

We say: As a country singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Shane Clark is known as a longtime performer in the Charleston area.

They say: Lowcountry blues and original songs.

We say: Keyboardist Gary “Shrimp City Slim” Erwin is the glue that holds Charleston’s hearty blues scene together.

They say: A breath of fresh air! Great singer, a compelling entertainer, and an all-around talented performer.

They say: Acoustical music that is good to go.

We say: A regular face at the local beach bars and downtown stages.

They say: Blues, Rock, and Alternative Country.

We say: An enthusiastic guitarist and singer with a sharp and soulful style; alongside a trio of veteran Charleston players.

They say: Garage/indie/post-punk.

We say: Duo aiming for a lo-fi aesthetic and surprisingly full sound.

They say: Indie-pop/alternative.

We say: A collection of skilled musicians; the new piano-driven disc Shiv! is a winner.

They say: "Hard-hitting blues/swing band."

We say: Local blues/rock singer and harmonica player Andy "Smoky" Weiner and special guests.

They say: A blend of fiery world-beat, Southern funk, and melodious rock.

We say: Adventure-lovin’, Mt. Pleasant-raised jam ensemble set for a big move up.

They say: High energy "all request" party band.

We say: Local quartet covering the bases.

They say: All request duo featuring Rotie Salley and Morgan Sprott.

We say: Rotie & Morgan: Versatile and hard to stump.

They say: Five-piece alternative rock group from Beaufort.

We say: Aggressive, guitar-driven nü-rock from the Lowcountry.

They say: Classic rock meets everything else.

We say: The joyfully loose conglomeration.

They say: Bluesy rock classics; covers and originals. "Breaking all the eggs we can find!"

We say: Southern-fried rock quartet capable of jamming on classics and originals.

They say: Swamp blues meets Southern rock.

We say: Draped with Blake Ohlson’s distorted pedal steel and Whitt Algar’s oscillating organ.

They say: Leading the groove revolt.

We say: Funk-rock trio (featuring member of Anteroom).

They say: Irish tunes, singalongs, anything else we can think of.

We say: A tradition in the Market for years.

They say: Electronica (the good shit).

We say: Featuring John Cobb and Colin Crofton.

They say: Crowd pleasing covers and exploratory originals.

We say: Groove scientist.

They say: Introducing the Strumdogs Band: A 4 piece band covering the best of Classic and Modern Rock

We say: A classic local cover band

They say: Charleston's premiere party band. The best of funk, rock, and rap in a memorable, high-energy live show.

We say: A brassy and funky cover band covering rock, vintage pop, soul, and dance tunes. Featuring an all-star cast of local players.

They say: Elements of funk, hip-hop, and jazz fusion.

We say: Sophisticated funk/hop experiments.

They say: Americana, blues, and Western swing.

We say: Versatile acoustic string player, pianist, and vocalist.

They say: Twisted folk/rock.

We say: Led by songsmith and guitarist Owen Beverly and drummer Benji Lee.

They say: Corny music “from Iowa.”

We say: Digging the original mix of “Back to the Farm” from Paulo Licciardi.

They say: Punk/hardcore five-piece.

We say: Pure punk rock mayhem.

They say: Well-dressed as well, and hard pressed to bring fun and funny Vaudeville gems to life.

We say: Eden and Noodle of the V-Tones (with guests).

They say: Reunited party-rockers.

We say: Jangly, uptempo original tunes and a mix of classic and preppy college rock favorites.

They say: You’ll have to check us out live…

We say: Local funk/alt-rock.

They say: High-energy alternative and modern rock from the ’90s and today.

We say: Local rock quartet, covers and jams.

They say: Why do they insist on playing the type of aggressive, non-hippie guitar-driven rockstuff that only leads to trouble?

We say: Each member stubbornly plays his role as an odd character in the local scene.

They say: What do you get when you add a guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, an autoharp, a mountain dulcimer and a musical saw to a sturdy pair of clogging shoes and two singing sisters?

We say: You get the Barnard Sisters.

They say: Bluegrass, folk, Irish, jazz.

We say: One of the most active acoustic bands in town.

They say: Acoustic folk music.

We say: Folk/bluegrass combo led by singer/guitarist Sandy Nivens.

They say: Indie Gothic rock.

We say: They know Béla Lugosi’s dead.

They say: "Acoustic/Bluegrass/Roots Music: a thundering herd."

We say: Local bluegrass/acoustic Americana quartet.

They say: Just a bunch of bossy chicks from Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island.

We say: Acoustic bluegrass/country/Americana.

They say: High energy pop/rock covers and originals.

We say: Rock and classic Top 40 with huge vocal harmonies.

They say: Preventing good people from hiring bad Beach bands.

We say: They know how to shag and induce shagging.

They say: Rockabilly/greaser punk.

We say: Hard ’n’ heavy raves, bashers, and Cash-style country rawkers.

They say: A versatile and exciting musical entity.

We say: Delivering old soul, R&B, and beach music favorites.

They say: Vocal-driven pop-rock influenced by the sunny sounds of the Beach Boys, The Association, Phil Spector, and other West Coast sounds.

We say: The Explorers Club have recently a new collection titled Freedom Wind, a debut on the Dead Oceans record label (a subsidiary of Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian).

They say: Rock duo. A fuzzy rock 'n' roll affair ... ambitious, but not impossible.

We say: Ditto.

They say: Power-pop quartet.

We say: Tight, melodic, necktied … with a new lineup and demo.

They say: Cool funk, soul, and rock tunes.

We say: Talented vocalist Elise Testone (of Emotive, Art of Soul) and company.

They say: Shakers, tambourines, many guitars, and Roland organ … rock?

We say: Smart, clever, melodic indie-rock band.

They say: Stripped down power trio with a lot of soul.

We say: A mildly masculine, cleverly melodic three-piece.

They say: They maintain an inspiring live show that pleases.

We say: Reggae with elements of rock and funk.

They say: Rock covers from the ’70s and ’80s: white boy rock!

We say: This four-piece bar band sticks to classic rock — from Kiss and Van Halen to Zep, Beatles, and Skynyrd.

They say: Sounds like … touchin’ a wild horse with a baby’s hand.

We say: Melodic and eclectic rock/pop/twang — featuring Joel Hamilton and Owen Beverly.

They say: Charleston's Premier Steel Drum Trio.

We say: Caribbean rhythms, reggae, calypso, and beach.

They say: Don't freer the keepers.

We say: Local garage-rock quartet.

They say: "A high energy funk/rock/soul/cover band band. We work hard to make sure the crowd is dancing and having fun."

We say: Groove-based funk/soul.classic rock combo.

They say: The perfect duo for any Lowcountry event.

We say: Americana/country guitar/fiddle duo.

They say: Rock/reggae/funk.

We say: Featuring singer/guitarist (and TV personality) Ben Fagan and a talented backing band.

They say: From Madonna to Skid Row.

We say: ‘80s party-rock quartet.

They say: The music focuses on their individuality as musicians while using composed parts to guide the form and structure.

We say: Largely improvisational and garlic-tinged.

They say: Acoustic gypsy/blues duo.

We say: The fuzzy-faced Mackie Boles and the vivacious Lily Slay have their devilish moments.

They say: Playing standards in own way and often seeking out less commonly played tunes for the repertoire.

We say: A very clever local jazz/improv trio.

They say: Funk get ready to rock, funk get ready to roll.

We say: Long-running funk/soul outfit.

They say: Carefully crafted renditions of British Invasion, vintage ’70s pop-rock, new wave, and alternative classics.

We say: Power trio: cranked-up and melody-obsessed.

They say: A melting pot of influences, from the Grateful Dead to Audio Slave.

We say: Gritty rock ’n’ roll from Summerville.

They say: Fiddles, banjos, guitars, close harmony singing — that sort of thing. Old-time country and French Cajun.

We say: Acoustic roots duo. Standards and vintage tunes.

They say: Power-pop with a detour.

We say: Melodic, finger-snappin’ tunes just sloppy enough so as to seem unrehearsed.

They say: Eccentric ukulele-driven jug band attempts to play hot club jazz!

We say: Absolutely adorable uke/string combo with vintage vaudeville in their hearts.

They say: We started in Clay's garage.

We say: Indie-pop quintet (with brass).

They say: Alternative rock.

We say: Adam, Joel, and Ross survived.

They say: Energetic alt-rock, grunge, and classic rock.

We say: Enthusiastic combo: rock covers with funk sprinkled in.

They say: Rock, folk, indie.

We say: Singer/songwriter with a bluesy groove.

They say: Aunique blend of traditional blues with a modern sound and originals you’d swear you’ve heard somewhere before.

We say: Full band handling electric blues and boogie; originals and covers.

They say: High-energy rock covers.

We say: A veteran bar band with a lengthy set of classic and contemporary rock hits — fronted by Troy Miller.

They say: "Heavy duty rock 'n' roll power trio."

We say: Riffs galore … big beats and deep rumblin', too.

They say: Americana rock ‘n’ roll with a splash of southern soul.

We say: Bouncy, melodic guitar ‘n’ keys-driven pop-rock.

They say: Wide variety of classic and modern rock and pop.

We say: Modern and classic covers and twang-filled originals.

They say: Booty-shakin’ foot-stompin’ newgras with vocal harmonies.

We say: Not quite a hillbilly combo, not quite a jam band.

They say: "Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.”

We say: Lots of ’70s folk-rock, modern groove-rock (Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, etc.).

They say: One of the funkiest rock trios in the Charleston area.

We say: Anywhere from classic rock and Motown hits, to modern rock, pop, and R&B.

They say: Southern rock/Americana.

We say: Jammin’ combo: covers and originals.

They say: All-original, pretty exciting alt-rock/metal.

We say: Hard stuff. The latest is a six-song mini-album titled So Here We Are.

They say: Something you’d love to be infected with!

We say: Summerville five-piece: vintage and modern metal.

They say: Jazz pianist, vocalist, and bandleader.

We say: Versatile jazz/blues/vintage player with a long singlist.

They say: We’ve combined the sounds of harmonizing guitars and vocals, forceful drum beats, jazz bass, and smooth saxophone.

We say: A Southern-fried blues/rock/jam style.

They say: Americana with a touch of British psychedelic rock ... sort of a Ryan Adams-meets-Pink Floyd.

We say: Jangly, smartly-orchestrated Americana/indie-pop.

They say: Jazz, funk, and other…

We say: Busy saxophonist Wilton Elder and company.

They say: Roots music: soul and blues.

We say: Wiz-kid blues-rock from the IOP.

They say: Hard-driving, traditional bluegrass music.

We say: Finger-pickin’ stuff since ‘99.

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