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They say: Funk, rock, pop tunes.

We say: Ready-steady bar rock from the classics to the recent alternative hits.

They say: Strikingly beautiful.

We say: Singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell and company.

They say: A vintage rock and blues band from Charleston, performing originals alongside Cash, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and more.

We say: Whole hog pickin' and grinnin' from Yates Dew, Stanfield Gray, Bradley MacLean, and Mike Watson.

They say: Extreme metal band.

We say: They live up to the name.

They say: "Blending bits of classic rock, reggae, alternative, and Americana Our goal is all good songs and no bullshit."

We say: Local duo comprised of Mike Legere on vocals and acoustic guitar and Andrew Shaw on vocals and toy drum kit

They say: Powerful and evocative ... post-hardcore indie blues.

We say: Shrimp recording artist Bill Carson writes a damn good wry, poignant tune.

They say: Outlaws since 1990.

We say: Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.

They say: The new musical collaboration between Charleston singer-songwriters Kristin Abbott and Corey Webb.

We say: Indie rock, composed solely of classically trained musicians.

They say: Bootless is an original country/southern rock band based in Charleston, South Carolina. Formed in 2012 by experienced rock musicians, Bootless successfully blends country lyrics with rock-and-roll swagger.

They say: Wedding/corporate party band delivering the best of the 70s, including disco, Motown and funk.

We say: Longtime funk faves: tight, funky, horny, and entertaining. Booty Call has performed for various large company functions throughout the southeast and traveled as far as the U.K. to perform.

They say: Playing only the 80s.

We say: Hot hits galore.

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