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They say: S.C.-based reggae band whose influences and melodies are as eclectic and diverse as the culture it represents.

We say: A funky mix of dub reggae, rock, ska, and Caribbean rhythms.

They say: Blues, funk, etc.

We say: Intensely funky stuff from the newly established blues-rock trio.

They say: Organic, sand-blasted roots rock, with a sweet jam spread.

We say: Capable of veering from one rootsy/groovy Americana genre to genre with crowd-pleasing flair.

They say: Singer/songwriter.

We say: A veteran performer now based in Awendaw.

They say: "Dante's Camaro the greatest Rock & Roll Band in the History of Charleston S.C."

We say: Comprised of the rowdiest members of Black Venus, MovieStar, and Skintight, local hard-rock/metal cover band Dante's Camaro are "hell-bent" on something or other.

They say: Lead guitar wants to be a side order of Santana.

We say: Singer-songwriter Landeo and his band play a wide variety of covers and originals.

They say: Solo singer-guitarist.

We say: Formerly of The Killer Whales, this performer covers the bases.

They say: Old-time Southern country-blues with a contemporary downtown flavor.

We say: Working the slide guitar all old-school like a 90-year-old Delta blues man.

They say: Acoustic originals and rock covers of all styles.

We say: Amiable singer-guitarist capable of incorporating loops, samples, and guest players.

They say: Rock/psychedelic.

We say: Way-out-there jam quartet.

They say: Electronica/Reggaeton/R&B.

We say: Turntablistm … born and raised in Argentina.

They say: The South’s most well-rounded DJ, nicknamed “Carolina King” and the “Lord and Savior of Southern Mixtapes.”

We say: Charleston-based rapper, turntablist, and producer (a.k.a. David Thrower).

They say: I am a fourth degree Ninja.

We say: Downtown mixer-upper.

They say: Intense dance mixes.

We say: Local dance party host.

They say: a.k.a. Chris Grimaldi.

We say: Spinning variety downtown.

They say: Statred out in the rave scene of the early 1990s, and conducted residencies at such local venues as the Treehouse and the Arcade. Currently hosting the Friday night events at Club Pantheon, where you'll find me spinning hard dance anthems for large crowds.

We say: A veteran dance party DJ with over 20 years of experience in the Southeast.

They say: Sasquatch music.

We say: Longtime local deejay spinning a variety.

They say: Pumping out fresh jams from all genres of music.

We say: His roots are in club DJ-ing, mixing and remixing.

They say: Spinning dance mash-ups.

We say: A Northerner spinner in the Dirty South.

They say: Known to most as Tropix International Sounds.

We say: The hip party DJ and producer (on Z93 Jamz and Magic 107.3).

They say: Psychedelic/electronica.

We say: Live performer, producer, and DJ.

They say: Entertaining and DJ’n since early 2005 … a premier DJ/Entertainer of this day.

We say: Downtown turntablist.

They say: Turntablism/hip-hop/electro.

We say: Spinning mixes at the downtown clubs.

They say: Hip-hop/electro/turntablism.

We say: Busy club spinner on the downtown scene.

They say: Electro/house/rock.

We say: Electrified variety.

They say: Hip-hop, rock, house, and electro.

We say: Hey, that’s Shawn Corriveau.

They say: Bass bumping rap, beat driven breakbeat, soulful house, supercharged rock, and melodic trance.

We say: A milkshake of music.

They say: "Acoustic guitar man"

We say: Harmony-heavy country, classic rock, folk, and blues.

They say: Dedicated to the study of the flamenco guitar art form, a distinct art of the southern region of Spain.

We say: Exotically Latin acoustic music.

They say: Rock, soul, roots music …  rock, soul, blues, funk, mellowness, chaos, the past, the present, the future, film, anything, everything, nothing."

We say: Rock singer/guitarist (of The Problems, Torture Town, FunHouse, the regenerators).

They say: "A little Country, a little Soul, a whole lot of Rock n' Roll"

We say: Classic rock from 50s, 60s, 70s, plus Country, Soul and Blues

They say: Based on a blend of Brazilian styles (bossa nova, baião, and samba) with folk, reggae, jazz, and blues.

We say: Brazilian singer/guitarist and composer (a veteran of JAC and Piccolo Spoleto events).

They say: Blues, Southern rock, and country.

We say: Cottageville-based quartet.

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