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They say: The sound traipses the boundaries of blues and funk music, while simultaneously fusing together and capturing a unique and singular rhythm, deep-fried and buried in a Southern chunk of real estate labeled common ground.

We say: Charleston rock/twang quartet.

They say: Happy surfy punk rock with a British Invasion kick and ’70s punk/New Wave edge.

We say: A new, original pop/rock/indie project, featuring former members of the Explorers Club.

They say: Focused on nothing but his music … playing acoustic several nights a week, he has played over 250 shows a year for the last five years running.

We say: Funked out, high-energy original rock and groovy jams.

They say: A soulful folksy sound with meaningful lyrics.

We say: Serious-minded and soulful.

They say: Melodic Americana/rock.

We say: Led by singer/guitarist Reid Stone (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

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