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They say: The brainchild of singer/songwriter Harrison Ray.

We say: Scenester Ray leads the way (with Jordan Igoe and guests) on this melodic rock/lo-fi project.

They say: A classic rock cover band: great music from bands that have proven to withstand the test of time.

We say: Lady-fronted classic rock band.

They say: Henry’s Attic delivers obscure, yet well-known covers and originals to please the broadest of musical palettes.

We say: Pop/rock band fronted by guitar-strumming vocalists Heather Norton and Andrew Alberico.

They say: Bringing a spirit of soul, bluegrass, Americana and folk.

We say: A new project from Laura Thurston and Shawn Hagan.

They say: Multi-instrumental duo featuring Joel and Ward of Sol Driven Train.

We say: Clever rock duo (with guests) capable of reworking classics in groovy ways … and, oh, that trombone!

They say: It started as just two girls playing acoustic guitars around the campfires in N.Y.

We say: Acoustic groove/folk/bluegrass, led by string players/vocalists Laura Thurston and Gwyn Waller.

They say: Funk, R&B, and pop.

We say: Party band fronted by singer Amanda Hudson, handling a variety of grooves.

They say: Acoustic tunes and jams.

We say: A variety of rock styles.

They say: Melodic classic guitar-pop with a twang and a bit of soul.

We say: Songwriter Matt Hamrick's latest band project, baked by guitarist Kenny Meyer, bassist Marty Whipkey, and drummer Henry Blair.

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