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They say: Indie-rock with punk-fueled energy.

We say: Led by the songwriting and creativity of Jason Dodson.

They say: Folk, rock, and soul,

We say: Songwriter James Justin Burke’s new album is a collection of melodious odes to his deepest family roots.

They say: "I'm a local acoustic act that plays six nights a week."

We say: A well-traveled, Charleston-based guitarist/singer/songwriter.

They say: Charleston’s only surf-a-billy band.

We say: Kyle Jason, and Brett stick with surf music and vintage garage-rock.

They say: Hauntingly ethereal voice and pitch-perfect compositions.

We say: That new one Driving Blind is a beaut’.

They say: Singer-songwriter.

We say: Well-versed troubadour and collaborator.

They say: "Let's say acoustic Southern rock."

We say: Local acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Original blues-rock with a party vibe.

We say: Heartfelt singer-songwriter with a strong backing band and original folk-pop tunes.

They say: NSAI, BMI songwriter with a mixed bag of original Americana, Country and Blues. Solo shows are filled with surprize guest musicians and spontanteous music.

They say: "Hearty acoustics served with honest lyrics, and with a side of reality, Americana, blues, and jazz."

We say: Versatile acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar with a folky style.

We say: Local singer/guitarist.

They say: Playing on the beach in the local bars.

We say: Folly Beach-style acoustic rock.

They say: Acoustic variety.

We say: Veteran singer/guitarist.

They say: Entertaining the Lowcountry for over 20 combined years with the very best.

We say: Radio and event DJ with a mix of Top-40, alternative, disco, country, hip-hop, and shag.

They say: Someone who amazes you with their style of straight-out rock music.

We say: Strummy singer/guitarist.

They say: For over 20 years, the Joe Clarke Big Band has been swingin' out the Big Band hits of the 30's, 40's and 50's.

We say: Unique local big-band sound

They say: Joel T. Hamilton is a quiet tricky squirrel. He runs towards the tree and then disappears … but not before drawing blood just above your ankle.

We say: Known for his work with The Working Title, Hamilton's official solo debut recently came out under he titled Officina.

They say: Classic, modern and Southern rock, oldies and beach music, reggae and calypso.

We say: As always, an “audience-interactive" acoustic performance.

They say: Seasoned songwriter and veteran frontman who plays solo, duo, trio, and with his band Classic Woodies.

We say: Guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.

They say: Songwriter: folk-rock and bluegrass.

We say: Singer, guitarist, and basist — expressive, soulful, nautical, and hippified.

They say: Jazz, funk, soul.

We say: Pianist: standards and improv.

They say: Magical indie rock from the heart.

We say: Cute and richly melodic.

They say: Catchy originals, trumpet laced funk grooves, and choice cover songs.

We say: Singer Justin Burke and his local groove/rock quartet (with extra brass!).

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