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They say: A diverse collaboration of material with a refreshing perspective that makes a connection with the listener.

We say: And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

They say: Rock, funk, blues.

We say: Acoustic guitarist with a tapping style.

They say: "Melodic soulful folkgrass."

We say: Acoustic folkie (out of Hollow Reed and Hick Child Soup).

They say: Jazz/Latin/Lounge.

We say: Rhythmically traditional Latin grooves led by singer/songwriter Leah Suárez.

They say: Many different genres, including, jazz, rock, country, medieval tone poems and early ’90s chakra attunement.

We say: Brilliant guitarist and collaborator.

They say: "A great mix of rock 'n' roll covers."

We say: Based in Moncks Corner, this quartet handles a variety of classic, modern, and alternative rock.

They say: Rock.

We say: Aggressive guitar work, raspy howling, bluesy riffs.

They say: We wish to pay homage to the original act.

We say: A “true three-piece" Rush tribute band.

They say: A little twang and a little late-night clarity...

We say: Unique combo (featuring most of The Dirty Kids): blues, country, soul, and rock … and more.

They say: A bad-ass playin' the sax.

We say: Versatile saxophoinist and man on the scene handling jazz, funk, reggae, and improv.

They say: A piano/acoustic guitar duo: currently over 100 songs from the 1950s to now.

We say: Rock tunes and variety.

They say: Young jazz singer with an old soul.

We say: Soul/pop vocalist with jazzy style and an elegant set of standards and originals.

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