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They say: These songs come from sticky Southern towns and broken hearts.

We say: Singer, guitarist, collaborator. From-the-gut indie country-rock.

They say: Acoustic soloist.

We say: Professional singer/guitarist with a colorful songlist.

They say: Local hip-hop performer and producer.

We say: A veteran of the Charleston scene, also of ChuckTown Ballers Production.

They say: High-energy Americana with happy feet.

We say: Breezy, atmospheric Southern-fried pop, topped with Mary Gilmore’s lead vocals.

They say: Contemporary top-country and rock classics.

We say: Assertive country-rock; covers and originals.

They say: Passion, persistence, hope, in shear a brutalic fashion.

We say: Howling and chewy heavy metal.

They say: "We’ve be getting into the medleys — blending popular songs together in our own way with our won flavor.”

We say: A seriously melodic guy (with solid backing band), most concerned about writing solid rock songs.

They say: Classic rock.

We say: Bar-room faves.

They say: The language of music is a beautiful thing that many seek to take part in, all the while hoping to add something to its melody. It is something that we love and enjoy.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven modern alternative rock.

They say: Music that could shake the music scene in Charleston.

We say: Local rock/funk/hip-hop combo.

They say: "Megan Jean's powerful vocals combined with Klay's inventive upright bass technique and their energetic live show showcase the true appeal of this band: their songs."

We say: Melodic folk-pop and country.

They say: Shrimp recording artist: folk, blues, rock, pop.

We say: Trent’s solo album, The Winner, is reverby/rockabilly/boogie-ish. (also of Shovels & Dirt and The Films)

They say: Eccentric blend of folk, rock, and country.

We say: Award-winning crooner, stummer, and songwriter.

They say: Bob Pollard in striped white pants invaded Cheap Trick’s bus while listening to the Replacements on his Walkman.

We say: Chris Holsomback, Dustin Fanning, and Trevor Van Etten comprise the indie-rock trio.

They say: The best of the American Jazz Songbook, including swing and blues of the early 20th Century.

We say: With Lyndsey Goodman on vocals, they handle a smooth blend of jazzy groove.

They say: Electronica/breakbeat/ghettotech.

We say: The alias of Justin Aubuchon, an experimental electronic producer (also of Chronicles of the Landsquid).

They say: A drummer and composer currently residing in Charleston.

We say: Musician and visual artist Mr. Jenkins (a.k.a. Nick Jenkins) is revered as a skillful drummer with the technique, flexibility, and grace.

They say: Pink Floyd meets Tool meets Bush.

We say: Local alt-rockers.

They say: The music speaks of love, unity, peace amongst all mankind, and the trials and tribulations of oppressed people.

We say: Traditional reggae and Caribbean rhythms.

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