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They say: To celebrate the music of The Clash and bring this music to a new generation of listeners.

We say: They cover much of the Clash's vast catalog — from "Bankrobber" to "White Man In Hammersmith Palais."

They say: Blues, originals, and deep cuts.

We say: Young blues/rock guitarist and vocalist handling a mix of classics.

They say: Classic Rock, progressive, Americana.

We say: Lunar rock styles.

They say: The Shakin’ Martinis use a variety of instruments to incorporate different sounds and accommodate many different types of music.

We say: Blues, country, and oldies-rock.

They say: "The music style is diverse and audiences will be pleasantly surprised to hear some of their favorite country, pop, blues, and rock artists."

We say: As a country singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Shane Clark is known as a longtime performer in the Charleston area.

They say: Lowcountry blues and original songs.

We say: Keyboardist Gary “Shrimp City Slim” Erwin is the glue that holds Charleston’s hearty blues scene together.

They say: A breath of fresh air! Great singer, a compelling entertainer, and an all-around talented performer.

They say: Acoustical music that is good to go.

We say: A regular face at the local beach bars and downtown stages.

They say: Blues, Rock, and Alternative Country.

We say: An enthusiastic guitarist and singer with a sharp and soulful style; alongside a trio of veteran Charleston players.

They say: Garage/indie/post-punk.

We say: Duo aiming for a lo-fi aesthetic and surprisingly full sound.

They say: Indie-pop/alternative.

We say: A collection of skilled musicians; the new piano-driven disc Shiv! is a winner.

They say: "Hard-hitting blues/swing band."

We say: Local blues/rock singer and harmonica player Andy "Smoky" Weiner and special guests.

They say: A blend of fiery world-beat, Southern funk, and melodious rock.

We say: Adventure-lovin’, Mt. Pleasant-raised jam ensemble set for a big move up.

They say: High energy "all request" party band.

We say: Local quartet covering the bases.

They say: All request duo featuring Rotie Salley and Morgan Sprott.

We say: Rotie & Morgan: Versatile and hard to stump.

They say: Five-piece alternative rock group from Beaufort.

We say: Aggressive, guitar-driven nü-rock from the Lowcountry.

They say: Classic rock meets everything else.

We say: The joyfully loose conglomeration.

They say: Bluesy rock classics; covers and originals. "Breaking all the eggs we can find!"

We say: Southern-fried rock quartet capable of jamming on classics and originals.

They say: Swamp blues meets Southern rock.

We say: Draped with Blake Ohlson’s distorted pedal steel and Whitt Algar’s oscillating organ.

They say: Leading the groove revolt.

We say: Funk-rock trio (featuring member of Anteroom).

They say: Irish tunes, singalongs, anything else we can think of.

We say: A tradition in the Market for years.

They say: Electronica (the good shit).

We say: Featuring John Cobb and Colin Crofton.

They say: Crowd pleasing covers and exploratory originals.

We say: Groove scientist.

They say: Introducing the Strumdogs Band: A 4 piece band covering the best of Classic and Modern Rock

We say: A classic local cover band

They say: Charleston's premiere party band. The best of funk, rock, and rap in a memorable, high-energy live show.

We say: A brassy and funky cover band covering rock, vintage pop, soul, and dance tunes. Featuring an all-star cast of local players.

They say: Elements of funk, hip-hop, and jazz fusion.

We say: Sophisticated funk/hop experiments.

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