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They say: Americana, blues, and Western swing.

We say: Versatile acoustic string player, pianist, and vocalist.

They say: Twisted folk/rock.

We say: Led by songsmith and guitarist Owen Beverly and drummer Benji Lee.

They say: Corny music “from Iowa.”

We say: Digging the original mix of “Back to the Farm” from Paulo Licciardi.

They say: Punk/hardcore five-piece.

We say: Pure punk rock mayhem.

They say: Well-dressed as well, and hard pressed to bring fun and funny Vaudeville gems to life.

We say: Eden and Noodle of the V-Tones (with guests).

They say: Reunited party-rockers.

We say: Jangly, uptempo original tunes and a mix of classic and preppy college rock favorites.

They say: You’ll have to check us out live…

We say: Local funk/alt-rock.

They say: High-energy alternative and modern rock from the ’90s and today.

We say: Local rock quartet, covers and jams.

They say: Why do they insist on playing the type of aggressive, non-hippie guitar-driven rockstuff that only leads to trouble?

We say: Each member stubbornly plays his role as an odd character in the local scene.

They say: What do you get when you add a guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, an autoharp, a mountain dulcimer and a musical saw to a sturdy pair of clogging shoes and two singing sisters?

We say: You get the Barnard Sisters.

They say: Bluegrass, folk, Irish, jazz.

We say: One of the most active acoustic bands in town.

They say: Acoustic folk music.

We say: Folk/bluegrass combo led by singer/guitarist Sandy Nivens.

They say: Indie Gothic rock.

We say: They know Béla Lugosi’s dead.

They say: "Acoustic/Bluegrass/Roots Music: a thundering herd."

We say: Local bluegrass/acoustic Americana quartet.

They say: Just a bunch of bossy chicks from Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island.

We say: Acoustic bluegrass/country/Americana.

They say: High energy pop/rock covers and originals.

We say: Rock and classic Top 40 with huge vocal harmonies.

They say: Preventing good people from hiring bad Beach bands.

We say: They know how to shag and induce shagging.

They say: Rockabilly/greaser punk.

We say: Hard ’n’ heavy raves, bashers, and Cash-style country rawkers.

They say: A versatile and exciting musical entity.

We say: Delivering old soul, R&B, and beach music favorites.

They say: Vocal-driven pop-rock influenced by the sunny sounds of the Beach Boys, The Association, Phil Spector, and other West Coast sounds.

We say: The Explorers Club have recently a new collection titled Freedom Wind, a debut on the Dead Oceans record label (a subsidiary of Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian).

They say: Rock duo. A fuzzy rock 'n' roll affair ... ambitious, but not impossible.

We say: Ditto.

They say: Power-pop quartet.

We say: Tight, melodic, necktied … with a new lineup and demo.

They say: Cool funk, soul, and rock tunes.

We say: Talented vocalist Elise Testone (of Emotive, Art of Soul) and company.

They say: Shakers, tambourines, many guitars, and Roland organ … rock?

We say: Smart, clever, melodic indie-rock band.

They say: Stripped down power trio with a lot of soul.

We say: A mildly masculine, cleverly melodic three-piece.

They say: They maintain an inspiring live show that pleases.

We say: Reggae with elements of rock and funk.

They say: Rock covers from the ’70s and ’80s: white boy rock!

We say: This four-piece bar band sticks to classic rock — from Kiss and Van Halen to Zep, Beatles, and Skynyrd.

They say: Sounds like … touchin’ a wild horse with a baby’s hand.

We say: Melodic and eclectic rock/pop/twang — featuring Joel Hamilton and Owen Beverly.

They say: Charleston's Premier Steel Drum Trio.

We say: Caribbean rhythms, reggae, calypso, and beach.

They say: Don't freer the keepers.

We say: Local garage-rock quartet.

They say: "A high energy funk/rock/soul/cover band band. We work hard to make sure the crowd is dancing and having fun."

We say: Groove-based funk/soul.classic rock combo.

They say: The perfect duo for any Lowcountry event.

We say: Americana/country guitar/fiddle duo.

They say: Rock/reggae/funk.

We say: Featuring singer/guitarist (and TV personality) Ben Fagan and a talented backing band.

They say: From Madonna to Skid Row.

We say: ‘80s party-rock quartet.

They say: The music focuses on their individuality as musicians while using composed parts to guide the form and structure.

We say: Largely improvisational and garlic-tinged.

They say: Acoustic gypsy/blues duo.

We say: The fuzzy-faced Mackie Boles and the vivacious Lily Slay have their devilish moments.

They say: Playing standards in own way and often seeking out less commonly played tunes for the repertoire.

We say: A very clever local jazz/improv trio.

They say: Funk get ready to rock, funk get ready to roll.

We say: Long-running funk/soul outfit.

They say: Carefully crafted renditions of British Invasion, vintage ’70s pop-rock, new wave, and alternative classics.

We say: Power trio: cranked-up and melody-obsessed.

They say: A melting pot of influences, from the Grateful Dead to Audio Slave.

We say: Gritty rock ’n’ roll from Summerville.

They say: Fiddles, banjos, guitars, close harmony singing — that sort of thing. Old-time country and French Cajun.

We say: Acoustic roots duo. Standards and vintage tunes.

They say: Power-pop with a detour.

We say: Melodic, finger-snappin’ tunes just sloppy enough so as to seem unrehearsed.

They say: Eccentric ukulele-driven jug band attempts to play hot club jazz!

We say: Absolutely adorable uke/string combo with vintage vaudeville in their hearts.

They say: We started in Clay's garage.

We say: Indie-pop quintet (with brass).

They say: Alternative rock.

We say: Adam, Joel, and Ross survived.

They say: Energetic alt-rock, grunge, and classic rock.

We say: Enthusiastic combo: rock covers with funk sprinkled in.

They say: Rock, folk, indie.

We say: Singer/songwriter with a bluesy groove.

They say: Aunique blend of traditional blues with a modern sound and originals you’d swear you’ve heard somewhere before.

We say: Full band handling electric blues and boogie; originals and covers.

They say: High-energy rock covers.

We say: A veteran bar band with a lengthy set of classic and contemporary rock hits — fronted by Troy Miller.

They say: "Heavy duty rock 'n' roll power trio."

We say: Riffs galore … big beats and deep rumblin', too.

They say: Americana rock ‘n’ roll with a splash of southern soul.

We say: Bouncy, melodic guitar ‘n’ keys-driven pop-rock.

They say: Wide variety of classic and modern rock and pop.

We say: Modern and classic covers and twang-filled originals.

They say: Booty-shakin’ foot-stompin’ newgras with vocal harmonies.

We say: Not quite a hillbilly combo, not quite a jam band.

They say: "Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.”

We say: Lots of ’70s folk-rock, modern groove-rock (Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, etc.).

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