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Acoustic Singer/Guitarist

They say: Calvin has performed solo and with his band around the east coast for several years, entertaining audiences from young to old.

We say: Singer/guitarist: vintage soul, R&B, beach, and rock 'n' roll.

They say: I've made my living performing and recording popular and original acoustic music since 1974.

We say: An elegant mix of American and European folk and country music.

They say: "Original rock 'n' roots music plus blues and various cool covers."

We say: A songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, and world traveler, just in town from Nashville.

They say: Chris Boone grew up in S.C., France, and Belgium, which helped shape him into the artist he is today; Late nights in social settings with music from the jukebox and the occasional piano in the corner begging to be played imprinted an irresistible passion for music.

We say: Versatile Charleston singer-songwriter

They say: Passionate singer, songwriter, guitarist performing melodic originals and rock covers.

We say: Bluesy twang, rock, and Americana.

They say: Great singer-songwriter from Sweden.

We say: The Sibelius of the local songwriter scene.

They say: Singer/songwriter.

We say: A veteran performer now based in Awendaw.

They say: Solo singer-guitarist.

We say: Formerly of The Killer Whales, this performer covers the bases.

They say: Old-time Southern country-blues with a contemporary downtown flavor.

We say: Working the slide guitar all old-school like a 90-year-old Delta blues man.

They say: Acoustic originals and rock covers of all styles.

We say: Amiable singer-guitarist capable of incorporating loops, samples, and guest players.

They say: "Acoustic guitar man"

We say: Harmony-heavy country, classic rock, folk, and blues.

They say: Dedicated to the study of the flamenco guitar art form, a distinct art of the southern region of Spain.

We say: Exotically Latin acoustic music.

They say: Based on a blend of Brazilian styles (bossa nova, baião, and samba) with folk, reggae, jazz, and blues.

We say: Brazilian singer/guitarist and composer (a veteran of JAC and Piccolo Spoleto events).

They say: Power-pop/indie/rock.

We say: Melodic, jangly, McCarthy-esque guitar-pop from a veteran rocker.

They say: Focused on nothing but his music … playing acoustic several nights a week, he has played over 250 shows a year for the last five years running.

We say: Funked out, high-energy original rock and groovy jams.

They say: A soulful folksy sound with meaningful lyrics.

We say: Serious-minded and soulful.

They say: Acoustic tunes and jams.

We say: A variety of rock styles.

They say: Singer/songwriter with a message.

We say: Upbeat and cheerful singer/guitarist with a great song or two about the Lowcountry (and more).

They say: Folk, rock, and soul,

We say: Songwriter James Justin Burke’s new album is a collection of melodious odes to his deepest family roots.

They say: "I'm a local acoustic act that plays six nights a week."

We say: A well-traveled, Charleston-based guitarist/singer/songwriter.

They say: "Let's say acoustic Southern rock."

We say: Local acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Original blues-rock with a party vibe.

We say: Heartfelt singer-songwriter with a strong backing band and original folk-pop tunes.

They say: "Hearty acoustics served with honest lyrics, and with a side of reality, Americana, blues, and jazz."

We say: Versatile acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar with a folky style.

We say: Local singer/guitarist.

They say: Playing on the beach in the local bars.

We say: Folly Beach-style acoustic rock.

They say: Acoustic variety.

We say: Veteran singer/guitarist.

They say: Someone who amazes you with their style of straight-out rock music.

We say: Strummy singer/guitarist.

They say: Joel T. Hamilton is a quiet tricky squirrel. He runs towards the tree and then disappears … but not before drawing blood just above your ankle.

We say: Known for his work with The Working Title, Hamilton's official solo debut recently came out under he titled Officina.

They say: Classic, modern and Southern rock, oldies and beach music, reggae and calypso.

We say: As always, an “audience-interactive" acoustic performance.

They say: Seasoned songwriter and veteran frontman who plays solo, duo, trio, and with his band Classic Woodies.

We say: Guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.

They say: Songwriter: folk-rock and bluegrass.

We say: Singer, guitarist, and basist — expressive, soulful, nautical, and hippified.

They say: Magical indie rock from the heart.

We say: Cute and richly melodic.

They say: Acoustic Midi act: Steely Dan to Johnny Cash, Buffett to Sting.

We say: Local singer/guitarist with a skillful delivery and broad range of styles.

They say: Heartfelt, singer/songwriter on acoustic guitar. Often compared to classic American songwriters such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Chris Daughtry (just kidding on this one).

We say: From upstate N.Y. to the S.C. Lowcountry. Singer, songwriter, guitarist: Americana/roots.

They say: Acoustic rock, bluegrass, country, and Americana.

We say: Delicate and bold singer/guitarist.

They say: Rock, funk, blues.

We say: Acoustic guitarist with a tapping style.

They say: "Melodic soulful folkgrass."

We say: Acoustic folkie (out of Hollow Reed and Hick Child Soup).

They say: These songs come from sticky Southern towns and broken hearts.

We say: Singer, guitarist, collaborator. From-the-gut indie country-rock.

They say: Acoustic soloist.

We say: Professional singer/guitarist with a colorful songlist.

They say: Eccentric blend of folk, rock, and country.

We say: Award-winning crooner, stummer, and songwriter.

They say: Charleston-based singer/guitarist (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

We say: Reid’s recent collaborations go under the name Guilt-Ridden Troubadour.

They say: Acoustic originals and covers from Melissa Etheridge and Fleetwood Mac to U2 and Johnny Cash.

We say: Ready for anything from the IOP to Folly.

They say: Everything from country to beach music.

We say: Diligent songwriter, strummer, venue host, and singer with a lengthy song list. Often accompanied on stage by killer guitarist Chris Clifton (pictured).

They say: All-request covers with some folk acoustic singer-songwriter originals.

We say: Versatile singer/guitarist with a lengthy song list (also of Soul Fish).

They say: Indie/Americana/jam-rock.

We say: Local strummer and entertainer.

They say: "The music style is diverse and audiences will be pleasantly surprised to hear some of their favorite country, pop, blues, and rock artists."

We say: As a country singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Shane Clark is known as a longtime performer in the Charleston area.

They say: Acoustical music that is good to go.

We say: A regular face at the local beach bars and downtown stages.

They say: Crowd pleasing covers and exploratory originals.

We say: Groove scientist.

They say: Americana, blues, and Western swing.

We say: Versatile acoustic string player, pianist, and vocalist.

They say: Rock, folk, indie.

We say: Singer/songwriter with a bluesy groove.

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