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They say: Local five-piece.

We say: Metal, classic rock, and alternative.

They say: Rock/alternative/pop-punk/hard rock/emo.

We say: Heavy alternative rockstuff.

They say: Indie/rock and roll band playing honest, yet catchy, music.

We say: Guitar-heavy, dynamic alternative rock.

They say: We take the hits of the 1980s and rewrite them with our own original fast, hard-rock style. It's all executed with an upbeat, fun attitude, especially from our lead singer, Mia.

We say: Campy, metallic, entertaining cover band with a weird twist.

They say: From Top-40 to classic rock, and some originals are in the works. Interaction from the crowd is what we thrive for.

We say: Veteran local rock cover band.

They say: Alt-rock covers that keep the party rockin’!

We say: IOP five-piece/alt-rock cover band.

They say: Punk, punk, punk. We aim to make honest music, meaning that we aren’t going to mold to anything to try and fit in; we sing the songs that we like to sing.

We say: Local punk band that kicks, screams, etc.

They say: "Original rock 'n' roots music plus blues and various cool covers."

We say: A songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, and world traveler, just in town from Nashville.

They say: Rock/Americana — "the pursuit of our dreams can lead us in many directions in life."

We say: Melodic/modern pop-rock with a twang (featuring Tyler and Joe from the band Bell).

They say: Lead guitar wants to be a side order of Santana.

We say: Singer-songwriter Landeo and his band play a wide variety of covers and originals.

They say: Rock, soul, roots music …  rock, soul, blues, funk, mellowness, chaos, the past, the present, the future, film, anything, everything, nothing."

We say: Rock singer/guitarist (of The Problems, Torture Town, FunHouse, the regenerators).

They say: Innovative rock: back at it with a new bassist and keys player.

We say: Pumped-up, non-mersh, glee-noise.

They say: Sounds like “mystic” arena rock or ambient progressive rock.

We say: Alternative rock from the newly-formed instrumental quartet.

They say: Take the ride.

We say: Rock/groove combo handling a wild mix of rock, funk, and indie underground covers and originals.

They say: Melodic Americana/rock.

We say: Led by singer/guitarist Reid Stone (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

They say: Melodic classic guitar-pop with a twang and a bit of soul.

We say: Songwriter Matt Hamrick's latest band project, baked by guitarist Kenny Meyer, bassist Marty Whipkey, and drummer Henry Blair.

They say: Indie-rock with punk-fueled energy.

We say: Led by the songwriting and creativity of Jason Dodson.

They say: Someone who amazes you with their style of straight-out rock music.

We say: Strummy singer/guitarist.

They say: Joel T. Hamilton is a quiet tricky squirrel. He runs towards the tree and then disappears … but not before drawing blood just above your ankle.

We say: Known for his work with The Working Title, Hamilton's official solo debut recently came out under he titled Officina.

They say: A diverse collaboration of material with a refreshing perspective that makes a connection with the listener.

We say: And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

They say: "A great mix of rock 'n' roll covers."

We say: Based in Moncks Corner, this quartet handles a variety of classic, modern, and alternative rock.

They say: "We’ve be getting into the medleys — blending popular songs together in our own way with our won flavor.”

We say: A seriously melodic guy (with solid backing band), most concerned about writing solid rock songs.

They say: The language of music is a beautiful thing that many seek to take part in, all the while hoping to add something to its melody. It is something that we love and enjoy.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven modern alternative rock.

They say: Bob Pollard in striped white pants invaded Cheap Trick’s bus while listening to the Replacements on his Walkman.

We say: Chris Holsomback, Dustin Fanning, and Trevor Van Etten comprise the indie-rock trio.

They say: Pink Floyd meets Tool meets Bush.

We say: Local alt-rockers.

They say: Emo/Screamo/rock.

We say: Heavy-duty nü-rock by way of Rochester, N.Y.

They say: Metal/alternative-rock standards.

We say: Modern and classic rock.

They say: Hard-hitting rock ’n’ roll from the edge of America. Period.

We say: An experienced, homegrown nü-rock band.

They say: Blowfish, Dogs, etc.

We say: Comprised of Hank Futch of the Blue Dogs and Mark Bryan Gary Greene of Hootie & the Blowfish, and guests.

They say: Hot rock hits from the '80s and '90s.

We say: Picking up with the ’90s covers where Weird Science left off with the ’80s covers!

They say: Melodic electric/acoustic combo.

We say: A versatile blend of twangy guitar-rock, funky acoustic-pop, and mellow ballads.

They say: All-request covers with some folk acoustic singer-songwriter originals.

We say: Versatile singer/guitarist with a lengthy song list (also of Soul Fish).

They say: Alt-country in the vein of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven Americana-rock.

They say: To celebrate the music of The Clash and bring this music to a new generation of listeners.

We say: They cover much of the Clash's vast catalog — from "Bankrobber" to "White Man In Hammersmith Palais."

They say: All request duo featuring Rotie Salley and Morgan Sprott.

We say: Rotie & Morgan: Versatile and hard to stump.

They say: Five-piece alternative rock group from Beaufort.

We say: Aggressive, guitar-driven nü-rock from the Lowcountry.

They say: Classic rock meets everything else.

We say: The joyfully loose conglomeration.

They say: Leading the groove revolt.

We say: Funk-rock trio (featuring member of Anteroom).

They say: Introducing the Strumdogs Band: A 4 piece band covering the best of Classic and Modern Rock

We say: A classic local cover band

They say: Reunited party-rockers.

We say: Jangly, uptempo original tunes and a mix of classic and preppy college rock favorites.

They say: High-energy alternative and modern rock from the ’90s and today.

We say: Local rock quartet, covers and jams.

They say: Power-pop quartet.

We say: Tight, melodic, necktied … with a new lineup and demo.

They say: They maintain an inspiring live show that pleases.

We say: Reggae with elements of rock and funk.

They say: Don't freer the keepers.

We say: Local garage-rock quartet.

They say: Rock/reggae/funk.

We say: Featuring singer/guitarist (and TV personality) Ben Fagan and a talented backing band.

They say: A melting pot of influences, from the Grateful Dead to Audio Slave.

We say: Gritty rock ’n’ roll from Summerville.

They say: Power-pop with a detour.

We say: Melodic, finger-snappin’ tunes just sloppy enough so as to seem unrehearsed.

They say: We started in Clay's garage.

We say: Indie-pop quintet (with brass).

They say: Alternative rock.

We say: Adam, Joel, and Ross survived.

They say: Energetic alt-rock, grunge, and classic rock.

We say: Enthusiastic combo: rock covers with funk sprinkled in.

They say: High-energy rock covers.

We say: A veteran bar band with a lengthy set of classic and contemporary rock hits — fronted by Troy Miller.

They say: "Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.”

We say: Lots of ’70s folk-rock, modern groove-rock (Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, etc.).

They say: All-original, pretty exciting alt-rock/metal.

We say: Hard stuff. The latest is a six-song mini-album titled So Here We Are.

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