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Cover Band

They say: "Popular cover tunes and do some originals, too."

We say: Coastal grooves, beach, and rock oldies, from David Hope (vocals, guitar), Chris Tidestrom (vocals, guitar), and Rick Lambert (bass, vocals).

They say: Four like-minded musicians: a rock ’n’ roll band with an R&B twist.

We say: Classic and modern rock.

They say: Good for what ails ya!

We say: Classic rock and variety.

They say: We started around 1995 when Jeff Buchanan and Bill Johnson teamed up.

We say: Classic rock and jams.

They say: We take the hits of the 1980s and rewrite them with our own original fast, hard-rock style. It's all executed with an upbeat, fun attitude, especially from our lead singer, Mia.

We say: Campy, metallic, entertaining cover band with a weird twist.

They say: From Top-40 to classic rock, and some originals are in the works. Interaction from the crowd is what we thrive for.

We say: Veteran local rock cover band.

They say: Funk, rock, pop tunes.

We say: Ready-steady bar rock — from the classics to the recent alternative hits.

They say: "Blending bits of classic rock, reggae, alternative, and Americana … Our goal is all good songs and no bullshit."

We say: Local duo comprised of Mike Legere on vocals and acoustic guitar and Andrew Shaw on vocals and toy drum kit

They say: Wedding/corporate party band delivering the best of the ’70s, including disco, Motown and funk.

We say: Longtime funk faves: tight, funky, horny, and entertaining. Booty Call has performed for various large company functions throughout the southeast and traveled as far as the U.K. to perform.

They say: Playing only the ’80s.

We say: Hot hits galore.

They say: Alt-rock covers that keep the party rockin’!

We say: IOP five-piece/alt-rock cover band.

They say: Everyone’s favorite rock from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today.

We say: Classic rock, metal and jams.

They say: "Dante's Camaro the greatest Rock & Roll Band in the History of Charleston S.C."

We say: Comprised of the rowdiest members of Black Venus, MovieStar, and Skintight, local hard-rock/metal cover band Dante's Camaro are "hell-bent" on something or other.

They say: Lead guitar wants to be a side order of Santana.

We say: Singer-songwriter Landeo and his band play a wide variety of covers and originals.

They say: Blues, Southern rock, and country.

We say: Cottageville-based quartet.

They say: Their blend of voices is smooth and exciting; a unique style of music that includes old -school, R&B, beach, and a little smooth jazz.

We say: Local soul/dance/R&B cover band; featuring vocalist Pat Boone.

They say: Five-piece party band covering dance tunes, Carolina beach music, classic and contemporary rock, funk, R&B, you name it.

We say: What a variety … 

They say: A classic rock cover band: great music from bands that have proven to withstand the test of time.

We say: Lady-fronted classic rock band.

They say: Henry’s Attic delivers obscure, yet well-known covers and originals to please the broadest of musical palettes.

We say: Pop/rock band fronted by guitar-strumming vocalists Heather Norton and Andrew Alberico.

They say: Multi-instrumental duo featuring Joel and Ward of Sol Driven Train.

We say: Clever rock duo (with guests) capable of reworking classics in groovy ways … and, oh, that trombone!

They say: Funk, R&B, and pop.

We say: Party band fronted by singer Amanda Hudson, handling a variety of grooves.

They say: Batuglia Knuckle Bucket!

We say: Classic rock, funk, Americana.

They say: "A great mix of rock 'n' roll covers."

We say: Based in Moncks Corner, this quartet handles a variety of classic, modern, and alternative rock.

They say: We wish to pay homage to the original act.

We say: A “true three-piece" Rush tribute band.

They say: A piano/acoustic guitar duo: currently over 100 songs from the 1950s to now.

We say: Rock tunes and variety.

They say: Contemporary top-country and rock classics.

We say: Assertive country-rock; covers and originals.

They say: Classic rock.

We say: Bar-room faves.

They say: The best of the American Jazz Songbook, including swing and blues of the early 20th Century.

We say: With Lyndsey Goodman on vocals, they handle a smooth blend of jazzy groove.

They say: Handling a mix of styles.

We say: Southern and classic rock, metal, and alternative.

They say: The band for all occasions.

We say: Classic rock, blues, and R&B.

They say: Metal/alternative-rock standards.

We say: Modern and classic rock.

They say: "A six-piece, horn-driven powerhouse, backing one of the finest female vocalists in town. Dedicated to bringing you the hottest tunes, from the best artists of the last four decades."

We say: Local ensemble handling a mix of beach, oldies, rock classics, country and more — aimed at entertaining locals on wedding days and at special parties and events.

They say: "Playing only the best of rock, shag, and requests … perfect for weddings, parties, and formal events."

We say: Local combo handling a polished mix of classic rock, Top-40, R&B, shag, and oldies.

They say: Funk and rock covers: well suited for weddings, formal parties, and big club gigs.

We say: These guys consistently deliver the goods without looking bored.

They say: Hot rock hits from the '80s and '90s.

We say: Picking up with the ’90s covers where Weird Science left off with the ’80s covers!

They say: Her "dream girl" voice is an instrument.

We say: Talented soul/R&B/pop vocalist and frontlady (and pals with Clay Aiken).

They say: Melodic electric/acoustic combo.

We say: A versatile blend of twangy guitar-rock, funky acoustic-pop, and mellow ballads.

They say: To celebrate the music of The Clash and bring this music to a new generation of listeners.

We say: They cover much of the Clash's vast catalog — from "Bankrobber" to "White Man In Hammersmith Palais."

They say: The Shakin’ Martinis use a variety of instruments to incorporate different sounds and accommodate many different types of music.

We say: Blues, country, and oldies-rock.

They say: A breath of fresh air! Great singer, a compelling entertainer, and an all-around talented performer.

They say: High energy "all request" party band.

We say: Local quartet covering the bases.

They say: All request duo featuring Rotie Salley and Morgan Sprott.

We say: Rotie & Morgan: Versatile and hard to stump.

They say: Classic rock meets everything else.

We say: The joyfully loose conglomeration.

They say: Introducing the Strumdogs Band: A 4 piece band covering the best of Classic and Modern Rock

We say: A classic local cover band

They say: Charleston's premiere party band. The best of funk, rock, and rap in a memorable, high-energy live show.

We say: A brassy and funky cover band covering rock, vintage pop, soul, and dance tunes. Featuring an all-star cast of local players.

They say: High-energy alternative and modern rock from the ’90s and today.

We say: Local rock quartet, covers and jams.

They say: Why do they insist on playing the type of aggressive, non-hippie guitar-driven rockstuff that only leads to trouble?

We say: Each member stubbornly plays his role as an odd character in the local scene.

They say: High energy pop/rock covers and originals.

We say: Rock and classic Top 40 with huge vocal harmonies.

They say: Preventing good people from hiring bad Beach bands.

We say: They know how to shag and induce shagging.

They say: A versatile and exciting musical entity.

We say: Delivering old soul, R&B, and beach music favorites.

They say: Rock duo. A fuzzy rock 'n' roll affair ... ambitious, but not impossible.

We say: Ditto.

They say: Rock covers from the ’70s and ’80s: white boy rock!

We say: This four-piece bar band sticks to classic rock — from Kiss and Van Halen to Zep, Beatles, and Skynyrd.

They say: Charleston's Premier Steel Drum Trio.

We say: Caribbean rhythms, reggae, calypso, and beach.

They say: "A high energy funk/rock/soul/cover band band. We work hard to make sure the crowd is dancing and having fun."

We say: Groove-based funk/soul.classic rock combo.

They say: Rock/reggae/funk.

We say: Featuring singer/guitarist (and TV personality) Ben Fagan and a talented backing band.

They say: From Madonna to Skid Row.

We say: ‘80s party-rock quartet.

They say: Carefully crafted renditions of British Invasion, vintage ’70s pop-rock, new wave, and alternative classics.

We say: Power trio: cranked-up and melody-obsessed.

They say: A melting pot of influences, from the Grateful Dead to Audio Slave.

We say: Gritty rock ’n’ roll from Summerville.

They say: Energetic alt-rock, grunge, and classic rock.

We say: Enthusiastic combo: rock covers with funk sprinkled in.

They say: High-energy rock covers.

We say: A veteran bar band with a lengthy set of classic and contemporary rock hits — fronted by Troy Miller.

They say: Americana rock ‘n’ roll with a splash of southern soul.

We say: Bouncy, melodic guitar ‘n’ keys-driven pop-rock.

They say: "Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.”

We say: Lots of ’70s folk-rock, modern groove-rock (Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, etc.).

They say: Southern rock/Americana.

We say: Jammin’ combo: covers and originals.

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