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They say: S.C.-based reggae band whose influences and melodies are as eclectic and diverse as the culture it represents.

We say: A funky mix of dub reggae, rock, ska, and Caribbean rhythms.

They say: Acoustic originals and rock covers of all styles.

We say: Amiable singer-guitarist capable of incorporating loops, samples, and guest players.

They say: A bad-ass playin' the sax.

We say: Versatile saxophoinist and man on the scene handling jazz, funk, reggae, and improv.

They say: The music speaks of love, unity, peace amongst all mankind, and the trials and tribulations of oppressed people.

We say: Traditional reggae and Caribbean rhythms.

They say: A blend of fiery world-beat, Southern funk, and melodious rock.

We say: Adventure-lovin, Mt. Pleasant-raised jam ensemble set for a big move up.

They say: They maintain an inspiring live show that pleases.

We say: Reggae with elements of rock and funk.

They say: Charleston's Premier Steel Drum Trio.

We say: Caribbean rhythms, reggae, calypso, and beach.

They say: Rock/reggae/funk.

We say: Featuring singer/guitarist (and TV personality) Ben Fagan and a talented backing band.

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