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They say: We take the hits of the 1980s and rewrite them with our own original fast, hard-rock style. It's all executed with an upbeat, fun attitude, especially from our lead singer, Mia.

We say: Campy, metallic, entertaining cover band with a weird twist.

They say: Punk, punk, punk. We aim to make honest music, meaning that we aren’t going to mold to anything to try and fit in; we sing the songs that we like to sing.

We say: Local punk band that kicks, screams, etc.

They say: Charleston’s only surf-a-billy band.

We say: Kyle Jason, and Brett stick with surf music and vintage garage-rock.

They say: To celebrate the music of The Clash and bring this music to a new generation of listeners.

We say: They cover much of the Clash's vast catalog — from "Bankrobber" to "White Man In Hammersmith Palais."

They say: Punk/hardcore five-piece.

We say: Pure punk rock mayhem.

They say: Indie Gothic rock.

We say: They know Béla Lugosi’s dead.

They say: Rockabilly/greaser punk.

We say: Hard ’n’ heavy raves, bashers, and Cash-style country rawkers.

They say: Rock duo. A fuzzy rock 'n' roll affair ... ambitious, but not impossible.

We say: Ditto.

They say: Don't freer the keepers.

We say: Local garage-rock quartet.

They say: "Heavy duty rock 'n' roll power trio."

We say: Riffs galore … big beats and deep rumblin', too.

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