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They say: A jazzy conception of ballads, standards, and R&B, with a feel of the Caribbean that reflects that Geechee charm.

We say: Jazz, soul, and funk standards.

They say: "Blending bits of classic rock, reggae, alternative, and Americana … Our goal is all good songs and no bullshit."

We say: Local duo comprised of Mike Legere on vocals and acoustic guitar and Andrew Shaw on vocals and toy drum kit

They say: Wedding/corporate party band delivering the best of the ’70s, including disco, Motown and funk.

We say: Longtime funk faves: tight, funky, horny, and entertaining. Booty Call has performed for various large company functions throughout the southeast and traveled as far as the U.K. to perform.

They say: A professional musician and private lesson instructor. Her experience and talents have allowed her to travel the world.

We say: A star on the local and national trumpeter scene.

They say: S.C.-based reggae band whose influences and melodies are as eclectic and diverse as the culture it represents.

We say: A funky mix of dub reggae, rock, ska, and Caribbean rhythms.

They say: Blues, funk, etc.

We say: Intensely funky stuff from the newly established blues-rock trio.

They say: Sasquatch music.

We say: Longtime local deejay spinning a variety.

They say: Bass bumping rap, beat driven breakbeat, soulful house, supercharged rock, and melodic trance.

We say: A milkshake of music.

They say: Their blend of voices is smooth and exciting; a unique style of music that includes old -school, R&B, beach, and a little smooth jazz.

We say: Local soul/dance/R&B cover band; featuring vocalist Pat Boone.

They say: Irish folk.

We say: Acoustic tunes at Tommy Condon's weekly.

They say: Funk, R&B, and pop.

We say: Party band fronted by singer Amanda Hudson, handling a variety of grooves.

They say: Funky rock.

We say: Song-driven rap/rock/funk.

They say: Batuglia Knuckle Bucket!

We say: Classic rock, funk, Americana.

They say: A bad-ass playin' the sax.

We say: Versatile saxophoinist and man on the scene handling jazz, funk, reggae, and improv.

They say: Music that could shake the music scene in Charleston.

We say: Local rock/funk/hip-hop combo.

They say: Electronica/breakbeat/ghettotech.

We say: The alias of Justin Aubuchon, an experimental electronic producer (also of Chronicles of the Landsquid).

They say: Funk and rock covers: well suited for weddings, formal parties, and big club gigs.

We say: These guys consistently deliver the goods without looking bored.

They say: Her "dream girl" voice is an instrument.

We say: Talented soul/R&B/pop vocalist and frontlady (and pals with Clay Aiken).

They say: Everything from rock to country to classical to Motown.

We say: A varied blend of Americana, bluegrass, and funkiness.

They say: Rapping since the third grade.

We say: Hip-hop from Righchus (Matt Bostick) and engineer and multi-instrumentalist Max Berry.

They say: Leading the groove revolt.

We say: Funk-rock trio (featuring member of Anteroom).

They say: Charleston's premiere party band. The best of funk, rock, and rap in a memorable, high-energy live show.

We say: A brassy and funky cover band covering rock, vintage pop, soul, and dance tunes. Featuring an all-star cast of local players.

They say: Elements of funk, hip-hop, and jazz fusion.

We say: Sophisticated funk/hop experiments.

They say: You’ll have to check us out live…

We say: Local funk/alt-rock.

They say: Cool funk, soul, and rock tunes.

We say: Talented vocalist Elise Testone (of Emotive, Art of Soul) and company.

They say: They maintain an inspiring live show that pleases.

We say: Reggae with elements of rock and funk.

They say: "A high energy funk/rock/soul/cover band band. We work hard to make sure the crowd is dancing and having fun."

We say: Groove-based funk/soul.classic rock combo.

They say: Funk get ready to rock, funk get ready to roll.

We say: Long-running funk/soul outfit.

They say: One of the funkiest rock trios in the Charleston area.

We say: Anywhere from classic rock and Motown hits, to modern rock, pop, and R&B.

They say: Jazz, funk, and other…

We say: Busy saxophonist Wilton Elder and company.

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