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They say: A jazzy conception of ballads, standards, and R&B, with a feel of the Caribbean that reflects that Geechee charm.

We say: Jazz, soul, and funk standards.

They say: Made it out from behind the bar … now, I'm behind the piano.

We say: A self-taught pianist with an affection for he smooth and soulful side of pop.

They say: Powerful and evocative ... post-hardcore indie blues.

We say: Shrimp recording artist Bill Carson writes a damn good wry, poignant tune.

They say: A professional musician and private lesson instructor. Her experience and talents have allowed her to travel the world.

We say: A star on the local and national trumpeter scene.

They say: Presented by the Jazz Artists of Charleston.

We say: Swing, big band, and Latin-jazz, led by Charleston trumpeter and conductor Charlton Singleton.

They say: Based on a blend of Brazilian styles (bossa nova, baião, and samba) with folk, reggae, jazz, and blues.

We say: Brazilian singer/guitarist and composer (a veteran of JAC and Piccolo Spoleto events).

They say: Sturdy instrumental jazz.

We say: Duvall is a revered pianist, bassist, and veteran performance instructor.

They say: Jazz, funk, soul.

We say: Pianist: standards and improv.

They say: Modern original and classic jazz trumpet.

We say: Local jazz/improv combo led by a proficient horn player.

They say: Many different genres, including, jazz, rock, country, medieval tone poems and early ’90s chakra attunement.

We say: Brilliant guitarist and collaborator.

They say: A little twang and a little late-night clarity...

We say: Unique combo (featuring most of The Dirty Kids): blues, country, soul, and rock … and more.

They say: A bad-ass playin' the sax.

We say: Versatile saxophoinist and man on the scene handling jazz, funk, reggae, and improv.

They say: Young jazz singer with an old soul.

We say: Soul/pop vocalist with jazzy style and an elegant set of standards and originals.

They say: The best of the American Jazz Songbook, including swing and blues of the early 20th Century.

We say: With Lyndsey Goodman on vocals, they handle a smooth blend of jazzy groove.

They say: We are young composers and musicians.

We say: Utterly fascinating ensemble playing challenging compositions.

They say: Drummer. Musician. Artist.

We say: Top-shelf jazz musician and mentor.

They say: "Jazz standards on vocal/piano/trombone."

We say: Accomplished local jazz man.

They say: Elements of funk, hip-hop, and jazz fusion.

We say: Sophisticated funk/hop experiments.

They say: Well-dressed as well, and hard pressed to bring fun and funny Vaudeville gems to life.

We say: Eden and Noodle of the V-Tones (with guests).

They say: Bluegrass, folk, Irish, jazz.

We say: One of the most active acoustic bands in town.

They say: The music focuses on their individuality as musicians while using composed parts to guide the form and structure.

We say: Largely improvisational and garlic-tinged.

They say: Playing standards in own way and often seeking out less commonly played tunes for the repertoire.

We say: A very clever local jazz/improv trio.

They say: Eccentric ukulele-driven jug band attempts to play hot club jazz!

We say: Absolutely adorable uke/string combo with vintage vaudeville in their hearts.

They say: Jazz pianist, vocalist, and bandleader.

We say: Versatile jazz/blues/vintage player with a long singlist.

They say: Jazz, funk, and other…

We say: Busy saxophonist Wilton Elder and company.

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