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They say: I've made my living performing and recording popular and original acoustic music since 1974.

We say: An elegant mix of American and European folk and country music.

They say: Great singer-songwriter from Sweden.

We say: The Sibelius of the local songwriter scene.

They say: Organic, sand-blasted roots rock, with a sweet jam spread.

We say: Capable of veering from one rootsy/groovy Americana genre to genre with crowd-pleasing flair.

They say: Based on a blend of Brazilian styles (bossa nova, baião, and samba) with folk, reggae, jazz, and blues.

We say: Brazilian singer/guitarist and composer (a veteran of JAC and Piccolo Spoleto events).

They say: A soulful folksy sound with meaningful lyrics.

We say: Serious-minded and soulful.

They say: The brainchild of singer/songwriter Harrison Ray.

We say: Scenester Ray leads the way (with Jordan Igoe and guests) on this melodic rock/lo-fi project.

They say: Singer/songwriter with a message.

We say: Upbeat and cheerful singer/guitarist with a great song or two about the Lowcountry (and more).

They say: Folk, rock, and soul,

We say: Songwriter James Justin Burke’s new album is a collection of melodious odes to his deepest family roots.

They say: "I'm a local acoustic act that plays six nights a week."

We say: A well-traveled, Charleston-based guitarist/singer/songwriter.

They say: Singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar with a folky style.

We say: Local singer/guitarist.

They say: Songwriter: folk-rock and bluegrass.

We say: Singer, guitarist, and basist — expressive, soulful, nautical, and hippified.

They say: Crazy Kentucky girl meets talented musicians.

We say: Strummy, melodic, Americana.

They say: Shrimp recording artist: folk, blues, rock, pop.

We say: Trent’s solo album, The Winner, is reverby/rockabilly/boogie-ish. (also of Shovels & Dirt and The Films)

They say: Acoustical music that is good to go.

We say: A regular face at the local beach bars and downtown stages.

They say: Irish tunes, singalongs, anything else we can think of.

We say: A tradition in the Market for years.

They say: Twisted folk/rock.

We say: Led by songsmith and guitarist Owen Beverly and drummer Benji Lee.

They say: What do you get when you add a guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, an autoharp, a mountain dulcimer and a musical saw to a sturdy pair of clogging shoes and two singing sisters?

We say: You get the Barnard Sisters.

They say: Bluegrass, folk, Irish, jazz.

We say: One of the most active acoustic bands in town.

They say: Just a bunch of bossy chicks from Johns Island and Wadmalaw Island.

We say: Acoustic bluegrass/country/Americana.

They say: Acoustic gypsy/blues duo.

We say: The fuzzy-faced Mackie Boles and the vivacious Lily Slay have their devilish moments.

They say: Fiddles, banjos, guitars, close harmony singing — that sort of thing. Old-time country and French Cajun.

We say: Acoustic roots duo. Standards and vintage tunes.

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