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They say: Rock/alternative/pop-punk/hard rock/emo.

We say: Heavy alternative rockstuff.

They say: We take the hits of the 1980s and rewrite them with our own original fast, hard-rock style. It's all executed with an upbeat, fun attitude, especially from our lead singer, Mia.

We say: Campy, metallic, entertaining cover band with a weird twist.

They say: From Top-40 to classic rock, and some originals are in the works. Interaction from the crowd is what we thrive for.

We say: Veteran local rock cover band.

They say: Extreme metal band.

We say: They live up to the name.

They say: Alt-rock covers that keep the party rockin’!

We say: IOP five-piece/alt-rock cover band.

They say: Punk, punk, punk. We aim to make honest music, meaning that we aren’t going to mold to anything to try and fit in; we sing the songs that we like to sing.

We say: Local punk band that kicks, screams, etc.

They say: Everyone’s favorite rock from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today.

We say: Classic rock, metal and jams.

They say: "Dante's Camaro the greatest Rock & Roll Band in the History of Charleston S.C."

We say: Comprised of the rowdiest members of Black Venus, MovieStar, and Skintight, local hard-rock/metal cover band Dante's Camaro are "hell-bent" on something or other.

They say: "A great mix of rock 'n' roll covers."

We say: Based in Moncks Corner, this quartet handles a variety of classic, modern, and alternative rock.

They say: Passion, persistence, hope, in shear a brutalic fashion.

We say: Howling and chewy heavy metal.

They say: Emo/Screamo/rock.

We say: Heavy-duty nü-rock by way of Rochester, N.Y.

They say: Handling a mix of styles.

We say: Southern and classic rock, metal, and alternative.

They say: Metal/alternative-rock standards.

We say: Modern and classic rock.

They say: "Metal! Metal! Metal! Doing everything from Maiden to Hatebreed with originals mixed in."

We say: Heavy, fast, rowdy, metallic.

They say: Five-piece alternative rock group from Beaufort.

We say: Aggressive, guitar-driven nü-rock from the Lowcountry.

They say: Bluesy rock classics; covers and originals. "Breaking all the eggs we can find!"

We say: Southern-fried rock quartet capable of jamming on classics and originals.

They say: Rock covers from the ’70s and ’80s: white boy rock!

We say: This four-piece bar band sticks to classic rock — from Kiss and Van Halen to Zep, Beatles, and Skynyrd.

They say: A melting pot of influences, from the Grateful Dead to Audio Slave.

We say: Gritty rock ’n’ roll from Summerville.

They say: High-energy rock covers.

We say: A veteran bar band with a lengthy set of classic and contemporary rock hits — fronted by Troy Miller.

They say: "Heavy duty rock 'n' roll power trio."

We say: Riffs galore … big beats and deep rumblin', too.

They say: All-original, pretty exciting alt-rock/metal.

We say: Hard stuff. The latest is a six-song mini-album titled So Here We Are.

They say: Something you’d love to be infected with!

We say: Summerville five-piece: vintage and modern metal.

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