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They say: Sounds like “mystic” arena rock or ambient progressive rock.

We say: Alternative rock from the newly-formed instrumental quartet.

They say: A drummer and composer currently residing in Charleston.

We say: Musician and visual artist Mr. Jenkins (a.k.a. Nick Jenkins) is revered as a skillful drummer with the technique, flexibility, and grace.

They say: REMOTE is music at its highest apex, creative and cutting edge … like alchemists mixing and matching musical form, style and substance while embracing soul and technology to form a new concoction of sight and sound.

We say: An electronic experiment conducted by Graham Whorley and John Fitzgerald.

They say: Garage/indie/post-punk.

We say: Duo aiming for a lo-fi aesthetic and surprisingly full sound.

They say: The music focuses on their individuality as musicians while using composed parts to guide the form and structure.

We say: Largely improvisational and garlic-tinged.

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