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They say: The South’s most well-rounded DJ, nicknamed “Carolina King” and the “Lord and Savior of Southern Mixtapes.”

We say: Charleston-based rapper, turntablist, and producer (a.k.a. David Thrower).

They say: Known to most as Tropix International Sounds.

We say: The hip party DJ and producer (on Z93 Jamz and Magic 107.3).

They say: Funky rock.

We say: Song-driven rap/rock/funk.

They say: Local hip-hop performer and producer.

We say: A veteran of the Charleston scene, also of ChuckTown Ballers Production.

They say: Rapping since the third grade.

We say: Hip-hop from Righchus (Matt Bostick) and engineer and multi-instrumentalist Max Berry.

They say: Elements of funk, hip-hop, and jazz fusion.

We say: Sophisticated funk/hop experiments.

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