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They say: A great stage show, catchy songs, and perfect harmonies.

We say: Sean Kelly and the guys provide an abundance of willfully quirky guitar hooks and romantic melancholic lyrics.

They say: Indie/rock and roll band playing honest, yet catchy, music.

We say: Guitar-heavy, dynamic alternative rock.

They say: Indie/shoegaze.psychedelic.

We say: A dense, dense, dense, rock thing.

They say: Strikingly beautiful.

We say: Singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell and company.

They say: Powerful and evocative ... post-hardcore indie blues.

We say: Shrimp recording artist Bill Carson writes a damn good wry, poignant tune.

They say: The new musical collaboration between Charleston singer-songwriters Kristin Abbott and Corey Webb.

We say: Indie rock, composed solely of classically trained musicians.

They say: Innovative rock: back at it with a new bassist and keys player.

We say: Pumped-up, non-mersh, glee-noise.

They say: Happy surfy punk rock with a British Invasion kick and ’70s punk/New Wave edge.

We say: A new, original pop/rock/indie project, featuring former members of the Explorers Club.

They say: The brainchild of singer/songwriter Harrison Ray.

We say: Scenester Ray leads the way (with Jordan Igoe and guests) on this melodic rock/lo-fi project.

They say: Indie-rock with punk-fueled energy.

We say: Led by the songwriting and creativity of Jason Dodson.

They say: Magical indie rock from the heart.

We say: Cute and richly melodic.

They say: A diverse collaboration of material with a refreshing perspective that makes a connection with the listener.

We say: And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

They say: Rock.

We say: Aggressive guitar work, raspy howling, bluesy riffs.

They say: The language of music is a beautiful thing that many seek to take part in, all the while hoping to add something to its melody. It is something that we love and enjoy.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven modern alternative rock.

They say: Shrimp recording artist: folk, blues, rock, pop.

We say: Trent’s solo album, The Winner, is reverby/rockabilly/boogie-ish. (also of Shovels & Dirt and The Films)

They say: Bob Pollard in striped white pants invaded Cheap Trick’s bus while listening to the Replacements on his Walkman.

We say: Chris Holsomback, Dustin Fanning, and Trevor Van Etten comprise the indie-rock trio.

They say: A drummer and composer currently residing in Charleston.

We say: Musician and visual artist Mr. Jenkins (a.k.a. Nick Jenkins) is revered as a skillful drummer with the technique, flexibility, and grace.

They say: We are working toward being “e-tastic.”

We say: Soft-hearted indie-rock/pop, led by singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Dan McCurry.

They say: Indie/Americana/jam-rock.

We say: Local strummer and entertainer.

They say: Garage/indie/post-punk.

We say: Duo aiming for a lo-fi aesthetic and surprisingly full sound.

They say: Indie-pop/alternative.

We say: A collection of skilled musicians; the new piano-driven disc Shiv! is a winner.

They say: Twisted folk/rock.

We say: Led by songsmith and guitarist Owen Beverly and drummer Benji Lee.

They say: Indie Gothic rock.

We say: They know Béla Lugosi’s dead.

They say: Shakers, tambourines, many guitars, and Roland organ … rock?

We say: Smart, clever, melodic indie-rock band.

They say: Stripped down power trio with a lot of soul.

We say: A mildly masculine, cleverly melodic three-piece.

They say: Sounds like … touchin’ a wild horse with a baby’s hand.

We say: Melodic and eclectic rock/pop/twang — featuring Joel Hamilton and Owen Beverly.

They say: Don't freer the keepers.

We say: Local garage-rock quartet.

They say: Power-pop with a detour.

We say: Melodic, finger-snappin’ tunes just sloppy enough so as to seem unrehearsed.

They say: We started in Clay's garage.

We say: Indie-pop quintet (with brass).

They say: Americana with a touch of British psychedelic rock ... sort of a Ryan Adams-meets-Pink Floyd.

We say: Jangly, smartly-orchestrated Americana/indie-pop.

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