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They say: A great stage show, catchy songs, and perfect harmonies.

We say: Sean Kelly and the guys provide an abundance of willfully quirky guitar hooks and romantic melancholic lyrics.

They say: A vintage rock and blues band from Charleston, performing originals alongside Cash, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and more.

We say: Whole hog pickin' and grinnin' from Yates Dew, Stanfield Gray, Bradley MacLean, and Mike Watson.

They say: Outlaws since 1990.

We say: Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.

They say: Sometimes raucous, sometimes sweet, rock ’n’ roll influenced by the Hank Williamses, the blues, the church.

We say: Still diggin’ the dust and bones. A.K.A. Shovels & Rope.

They say: Passionate singer, songwriter, guitarist performing melodic originals and rock covers.

We say: Bluesy twang, rock, and Americana.

They say: Original Americana rock — a la Crazy Horseand '70s Stones.

We say: Americana rock sound well-suited for the Lowcountry’s laid-back beach scene.

They say: Rock/Americana — "the pursuit of our dreams can lead us in many directions in life."

We say: Melodic/modern pop-rock with a twang (featuring Tyler and Joe from the band Bell).

They say: Organic, sand-blasted roots rock, with a sweet jam spread.

We say: Capable of veering from one rootsy/groovy Americana genre to genre with crowd-pleasing flair.

They say: Singer/songwriter.

We say: A veteran performer now based in Awendaw.

They say: Lead guitar wants to be a side order of Santana.

We say: Singer-songwriter Landeo and his band play a wide variety of covers and originals.

They say: The sound traipses the boundaries of blues and funk music, while simultaneously fusing together and capturing a unique and singular rhythm, deep-fried and buried in a Southern chunk of real estate labeled common ground.

We say: Charleston rock/twang quartet.

They say: A soulful folksy sound with meaningful lyrics.

We say: Serious-minded and soulful.

They say: Melodic classic guitar-pop with a twang and a bit of soul.

We say: Songwriter Matt Hamrick's latest band project, baked by guitarist Kenny Meyer, bassist Marty Whipkey, and drummer Henry Blair.

They say: "I'm a local acoustic act that plays six nights a week."

We say: A well-traveled, Charleston-based guitarist/singer/songwriter.

They say: Singer-songwriter.

We say: Well-versed troubadour and collaborator.

They say: "Hearty acoustics served with honest lyrics, and with a side of reality, Americana, blues, and jazz."

We say: Versatile acoustic singer/guitarist.

They say: Seasoned songwriter and veteran frontman who plays solo, duo, trio, and with his band Classic Woodies.

We say: Guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.

They say: Acoustic Midi act: Steely Dan to Johnny Cash, Buffett to Sting.

We say: Local singer/guitarist with a skillful delivery and broad range of styles.

They say: Heartfelt, singer/songwriter on acoustic guitar. Often compared to classic American songwriters such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Chris Daughtry (just kidding on this one).

We say: From upstate N.Y. to the S.C. Lowcountry. Singer, songwriter, guitarist: Americana/roots.

They say: Acoustic rock, bluegrass, country, and Americana.

We say: Delicate and bold singer/guitarist.

They say: "Melodic soulful folkgrass."

We say: Acoustic folkie (out of Hollow Reed and Hick Child Soup).

They say: A little twang and a little late-night clarity...

We say: Unique combo (featuring most of The Dirty Kids): blues, country, soul, and rock … and more.

They say: High-energy Americana with happy feet.

We say: Breezy, atmospheric Southern-fried pop, topped with Mary Gilmore’s lead vocals.

They say: "We’ve be getting into the medleys — blending popular songs together in our own way with our won flavor.”

We say: A seriously melodic guy (with solid backing band), most concerned about writing solid rock songs.

They say: Eccentric blend of folk, rock, and country.

We say: Award-winning crooner, stummer, and songwriter.

They say: Acoustic Americana.

We say: Full-band jams and tunes.

They say: Charleston-based singer/guitarist (originally from Oxford, Miss.).

We say: Reid’s recent collaborations go under the name Guilt-Ridden Troubadour.

They say: Acoustic originals and covers from Melissa Etheridge and Fleetwood Mac to U2 and Johnny Cash.

We say: Ready for anything from the IOP to Folly.

They say: Alt-country in the vein of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty.

We say: Melodic, guitar-driven Americana-rock.

They say: Indie/Americana/jam-rock.

We say: Local strummer and entertainer.

They say: Unconfined alternative folk-rock.

We say: Spreading their country-tinged acoustic sounds around the Southeast.

They say: Classic Rock, progressive, Americana.

We say: Lunar rock styles.

They say: Blues, Rock, and Alternative Country.

We say: An enthusiastic guitarist and singer with a sharp and soulful style; alongside a trio of veteran Charleston players.

They say: "Hard-hitting blues/swing band."

We say: Local blues/rock singer and harmonica player Andy "Smoky" Weiner and special guests.

They say: A blend of fiery world-beat, Southern funk, and melodious rock.

We say: Adventure-lovin’, Mt. Pleasant-raised jam ensemble set for a big move up.

They say: Swamp blues meets Southern rock.

We say: Draped with Blake Ohlson’s distorted pedal steel and Whitt Algar’s oscillating organ.

They say: Americana, blues, and Western swing.

We say: Versatile acoustic string player, pianist, and vocalist.

They say: Twisted folk/rock.

We say: Led by songsmith and guitarist Owen Beverly and drummer Benji Lee.

They say: What do you get when you add a guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, an autoharp, a mountain dulcimer and a musical saw to a sturdy pair of clogging shoes and two singing sisters?

We say: You get the Barnard Sisters.

They say: "Acoustic/Bluegrass/Roots Music: a thundering herd."

We say: Local bluegrass/acoustic Americana quartet.

They say: Rockabilly/greaser punk.

We say: Hard ’n’ heavy raves, bashers, and Cash-style country rawkers.

They say: "Decidedly Southern, consistently popular.”

We say: Lots of ’70s folk-rock, modern groove-rock (Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, etc.).

They say: Southern rock/Americana.

We say: Jammin’ combo: covers and originals.

They say: We’ve combined the sounds of harmonizing guitars and vocals, forceful drum beats, jazz bass, and smooth saxophone.

We say: A Southern-fried blues/rock/jam style.

They say: Americana with a touch of British psychedelic rock ... sort of a Ryan Adams-meets-Pink Floyd.

We say: Jangly, smartly-orchestrated Americana/indie-pop.

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